THE PLAGUE upcoming album ‘Within Death’

BITTER LOSS RECORDS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Australia’s THE PLAGUE, Within Death, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Hailing from Sydney and formed in 2016, THE PLAGUE deliver pure ‘n’ proud old-school death metal. The quintet self-released their debut EP, Mass Genocide, in 2017 and thereafter spent a great deal of time as a force on the live front, supporting such bands as Angelcorpse, Master, Entombed AD, and Ensiferum among many others. And while Mass Genocide is a monster in its own right, THE PLAGUE make their ultimate first statement with Within Death.

Brimming with both crush and clarity, Within Death is as aptly titled as it comes: this is death metal for death metal maniacs by death metal maniacs. Each song literally explodes with intensity and focus, fiercely sharpened to a lethal degree by THE PLAGUE. And each of those ten songs gets in, gets out, and fucking DESTROYS. Simply put, Within Death is a stunning 34-minute display of deadly economy – no fat, no filler, no escape!

THE PLAGUE’s roots are undeniably in old-school death metal – and certainly sound as much – but there’s likewise a refreshingly regression-free effervescence to Within Death that elevates the record above others treading the OSDM boards. As such, the band are equally recommended to fans of classic Dismember and Entombed as they are LIK and Entrails more recently. Within Death is BITTER LOSS RECORDS’ first release as a label after initially being mailorder, and a more explosive debut record you will not find!

The Plague Spawn Of Monstrosity




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