The Outlaw Orchestra new single “Bag of Bones”

Southern Rockers – The Outlaw Orchestra are back with a bang and ready to announce the first of their new singles from the hotly anticipated 3rd Studio Album, following sessions at Rogue Studios in Wembley.

For those already in the know, this trio might not look like a typical orchestra, but with a plethora of instruments at their disposal and the skilful musicianship required to portray their unique sound on stage to a live audience, they certainly possess the talent of one. 

Frontman RockerDave Roux not only has to contend with bringing the roguish charm through his vocals and the charismatic riffs through his guitar but technical brilliance with incorporating the bass, via a split rig on the guitar, too.  Banjo” Pete Briley is much more than the name might suggest – bringing vocals, lap steel, pedal steel, mandolin, and of course the infamous banjo to the party showcasing heralding a wealth of talent.  Last but by no means least, the notorious Ryan Thunder-Smith channels his energies into the soul-thumping percussive elements with his drumming. 

 Bag of Bones is the first release from the new sessions and the single marks the first taste of what is to come from a band whose skill and influences create a genre-spanning sound with an unabashed and authentic rock soul.

Rocker Dave tells the story: “After posting daily escapades onto the Outlaw Orchestra Brotherhood fan page, one story in particular received so much love and hilarity that DJ and friend of the band, Steve Beastie, insisted the boys turned this into a song… and so the story goes:

It was New Years Eve, about 4 pm me and my dog, Ted, were out walking and passed the local butchers.  In full muddy, soaking, dog walking attire and dragging a rather wet and worn out Ted into the shop with me I loudly asked Hey guys, have you got anything left?  Any old Scraps?  Somethinganything??” – there was a rather well to docouple in the shop, who gave me and the dog the once-over, the lady approached tentatively looking me up and down, opened her purse and said You poor thing, it must be so hard for you at this time of yearNeedless to say, I fell about laughing, as did the butchers who knew me well!  I said Bless you, but Im not homeless, Im just really scruffy and the meat is for the dog!She was mortified, I pulled her leg “I’m worth more than a tenner”, he husband cracked up laughing!  The butchers sorted Ted out with a big bag of marrowbones and off-cuts and we were about to leave when in rushed another customer.

Oh, no youre shutting!  Am I too late.  My wife has just got out of hospital having suffered badly with Covid, finally getting her appetite back and all she wants is a decent hearty stew”.  I paused at the shop door and looking up to the heavens, I said OK if you exist, then you’d better save a seat for this kind lady, this guy and his wifeBUT! Especially for me and my dog

Hey buddy, you can take this bag of bones, make your wife an amazing dinner, and have a Happy New Year!” 

No strangers to the UK Live circuit, T.O.O. have had the pleasure to perform at the likes of Call of the Wild, Maid of Stone, HRH, Festival on the Hills and many more in the last 12 months.  They have been on the road supporting Phil Campbell, Skid Row, Robert Jon & The Wreck, Florence Black, Girls School, and Kira Mac.  Wherever they roam, they leave a wave of new followers in their wake.

RAMzine describes The Outlaw Orchestra as “They’re a blend of rock ‘n roll and British self-deprecatory irreverence, coupled with superb songs”.

While Darren @ Metal Planet Music adds “There is no doubt that The Outlaw Orchestra are masters of their art. Fantastic musicians, brilliant songwriters and showmen who add the fun element back into music. Whether its slightly quirky lyrics that tell a bizarre story or simply entertaining ways of present their music, there is no one quite like them.

Metal Talk Magazine had this to say following Maid of Stone Festival July ’23 “This is a band that knows how to deliver and keep an audience hanging onto every note played. This was quite simply a triumphant performance, this is a band that can more than hold their own, who were clear on what the audience wanted and were prepared to throw it at them, kitchen sink and all”.

Alessio Garavello, the producer/engineer/owner at Rogue Studios grasped the elements of watching us as we played live in the studio and said “That what I need to capture, that energy, the edge of danger where it could go wrong but also where the magic happens, I need that big cinematic sound that you three produce”. Alessio is no stranger to this adrenaline-fuelled recording style as he has his own projects as frontman of Dragonforce and his own band A New Tomorrow.  

Potentially the most exciting project from The Outlaw Orchestra to date, the plan is to release singles over the next 6 months before the as-yet-untitled new album will be released with the full catalogue of tracks. 

As they recently said in an interview “It’s taken years to know these songs, write them, wear them, until they become a part of you – we’ll never tame the Outlaw beast, but this album will capture the tooth and claw of the big stage energy”.


PR Image Credits: Justine Louise Photography

All songs written by David Christian Roux and Peter James Briley
Produced by Alessio Garavello
Engineered by Alessio Garavello



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