The Mercury Riots debut single ‘Save Me A Drink’

The Mercury Riots deliver the perfect tonic with their debut single ‘Save Me A Drink’ 

US rock group The Mercury Riots are proud to announce their debut single Save Me A Drink.  The Mercury Riots, is a new group formed by members of popular LA bands, Warner Drive, The Brave Ones, and Bullets And Octane.
Save Me A Drink – Lyric Video

The Mercury Riots are a healthy combination of loud, fast, jet-fuel powered rock n roll and Save Me A Drink has all the elements of the classic rock n roll songs we all grew up with, but retooled with a modern twist. 
Full of wit and rage this power-trio brings a sense of swagger and prowess to the stage.

With soaring guitars from Felipe Rodrigo, unique and charismatic vocals from the bassist/frontman Zachary Kibbee and a rocksteady pulse from Jonny Udell on drums, The Mercury Riots will definitely be a crowd-pleaser when they inevitably hit the road.

I’d known Jonny for years around the LA music scene, having seen Warner Drive many times. And Felipe and I had already played together in my project and The Brave Ones”, says Zachary Kibbee, the electric and powerful voice of the band. “So when we played together in Bullets it just clicked really well. So well in fact, that we really wanted to explore more music together, we just couldn’t help ourselves.”
“Our plans are to keep releasing music through 2021 and to get back on the road as soon as the world opens up again,
” exclaims Jonny Udell.

The Mercury Riots have the hunger to take on the greats and this brilliant new artist has produced a hugely appealing and infectious debut single that deserves your attention.


Zachary Kibbee – Vocals, Bass
Felipe Rodrigo – Guitars
Jonny Udell – Drums

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