The Last Legion ‘Conspire’

The Last Legion - Conspire Album Cover Art - Size (700x700)
This four track E.P from South London based metalcore band The Last Legion is an inspiring effort in this now over crowded genre. They blend strong technical metal intent with an aggressive attitude, hardly new, but they do it well enough. The musicianship within the band is skilled and vocalist Steve Kerr handles his parts with consummate ease..
The bass on this E.P is particular good, Alex Bramwell plays with a loud and hungry presence, he makes his mark early on the 1st track ‘Guardian’, and never really let’s go. His counter melodies are Clean, loud and precise.
The twin guitar attack of Ali Marshall and Chris Tierney pumps out some gut shredding riffs, and the impressive drums of Jake Ardley give this band an extra edge.
So if you like your metalcore uncompromising, yet played with a higher degree of technical excellence than the average, then I can’t recommend this highly enough. ‘Standing Like Steel’ is the stand out track for me.

News just in, the E.P is now available as a free download by entering 0 in the purchase price box, from Just enter 0 for the purchase price.


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