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Alter Bridge

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On 6 October 2016
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Fifth studio album from Florida based band Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge

They might be headlining the O2 Arena in November, but Alter Bridge are one of those bands that often slip under the radar when we think about bands who could top the bill at Download, for example. Maybe it’s the band members’ other commitments – Myles Kennedy’s touring with Slash and Mark Tremonti’s solo career – that cause this as Alter Bridge aren’t always at the front of the picture, but boy do we notice when they return. Released tomorrow, ‘The Last Hero’ is Alter Bridge’s fifth studio album, once again produced by Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette and showcasing an ongoing stream of thoughts from the band about current world affairs, environmental and personal issuses.

Opening track Show Me A Leader is a high energy rock song that tells of the desire to have someone who can lead us through hard times and deals with the way people are feeling with the current world state. It also brings forth the band’s first use of a seven string guitar, which certainly gives a whole new dimension to their sound and feel. The Writing On The Wall couples an assertive drumbeat with an excellent start/stop riff, whilst The Other Side is the heaviest song on the album, its aggressive lyrics laced with a touch of heartache felt for a loved one reaching the other side. Poison in Your Veins and Losing Patience are both stamped hard with the Alter Bridge sound that has gained them an army of fans worldwide and will sound massive in the arenas they are playing in at the end of next month. Meanwhile, My Champion and You Will Be Remembered explore the band’s softer side, full of emotionally charged lyrics that leave you with a sense of gratification and Island Of Fools packs a huge chorus that really demonstrates Myles’s vocal range and ability – as if he needed to prove it any more. Closing with the title track, it talks of the fight to be heard and in turn asks the question who will listen and have we lost our last hero, a thought provoking piece that will leave you gasping for breath. Alter Bridge, we have missed you something terrible. Welcome back, boys.

Recommended track : Poison In Your Veins

Band Lineup

Myles Kennedy – vocals, guitar
Mark Tremonti – guitar, backing vocals
Brian Marshall – bass
Scott Phillips – drums, percussion

Track Listing

  1. Show Me A Hero
  2. The Writing On The Wall
  3. The Other Side
  4. My Champion
  5. Poison In Your Veins
  6. Cradle To The Grave
  7. Losing Patience
  8. This Side Of Fate
  9. You Will Be Remembered
  10. Crows On A Wire
  11. Twilight
  12. Island of Fools
  13. The Last Hero
Fifth studio album from Florida based band Alter Bridge

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