The Heat Inc. releases brand new single & video ‘Draw Blood For Proof’

If you want to know what the future of Rock ’n’ Roll sounds like, The Heat Inc. has a brand new single out. It’s a cut & dry Ramones/Clash number with a heart of gold and a brand new coat of paint. Draw Blood For Proof is a wall – nay, a tsunami – of pure, joyous, unadulterated noise. 

Draw Blood For Proof, released through Melted Dino Records, isn’t messing around or wasting notes and you can watch the video right here:

Draw Blood For Proof  is an ode to family and friendship, as much about the good stuff as the bad. It’s about appreciating the people who love us because they need to be loved just as much as we need to be loved because without that,…we’d all be lost.

Following the footsteps of The Rolling Stones, The Stooges, Nick Cave, The Clash and the Ramones, the London-based four-piece have been purveying their brutal yet beautiful melodies to an ever-growing and ever more fanatical fanbase for the past few years. With a string of rave reviews behind them and venues destroyed in a slew of high decibel, sweat-drenched performances, the band look set to continue their meteoric rise to infamy. If nothing else, they might catch a killer. Prepare to be Incorporated.

The Heat Inc. has chosen an uncompromising path and it’s a journey worth taking, with their recent single Little Knuckle Charlie garnering swathes of airplay, including Absolute Radio and Micheal Bradley’s BBC show. As the legendary Paul Simonon says, it’s “Proper good.

To purchase/stream Draw Blood For Proof  go to:

The Heat Inc. are:

Jon Dodd – Vocals

Marco Simoncelli – Guitar

Nico Rigot – Bass

Maurizio Vitale – Drums

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