The Doom Dozen – A PlanetMosh Playlist to darken your mood


We thought we would counteract the advent of Spring by bringing you The Doom Dozen, a collection of tracks designed to darken your mood and wipe that silly smile off your face. Doom Metal as it exists now, covers a pretty wide spectrum ranging from your, shall we say traditional Sabbath sound right through the ages to bands such as Saturnus and Clouds who weave imagery and emotion into their work.


We have put together a varied cross section of the genre together for you, so embrace the darkness and Doom on our latest Playlist – (A YouTube link has been provided for songs not on Spotify)


Blackwitch Pudding – Acid Castle Mountain Top

Taken from the 2013 debut album ‘Taste The Pudding’, this is Stoner Doom at its best from the Oregon three piece, a track to smoke your ‘herbal’ cigarettes to. Listen on YouTube

Saturnus – All Alone

Originally leaning more towards the Death Metal end of the spectrum, Saturnus evolved into the more Doom orientated band that we see today. This is taken from the 2006 album ‘Veronika Decides To Die’,a truly stunning piece of music.

Trees Of Eternity – Black Ocean

Treading a more ambient and atmospheric path, this is one to close your eyes and drift away to. The vocal style of Aleah is truly hypnotic. Whilst compiling this playlist I learnt of the tragic passing of Aleah, a monumental loss to not only the Doom genre but to music in general. Listen on YouTube

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan

No Doom playlist would be complete without Sabbath but this track is not one you would normally put in your top twelve. Originally appearing on 1970’s breakthrough ‘Paranoid’ album, this is much more of a dreamy affair, apparently about floating through the universe with your lover…as you do

Sorrowful – Nothingness

The Swedes have a much more Death/Doom vibe about them in my opinion, a really cracking riff that thunders along as well. This is taken from their 2015 album ‘In The Rainfall’

Helevorn – Els Dies Tranquils

There are some songs that just grab you, and this is one of them. Taken from the album ‘Compassion Forlorn’ and featuring Lisa Cuthbert as guest vocalist, it’s a track that never fails to reduce me to a quivering wreck

Candlemass – Solitude

One of the most influential Doom bands ever, this track features on the 1986 classic album ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’

Les Discrets – Song For Mountains

Taken from the stunning 2010 album ‘Septembre Et Ses Dernieres Pensees’, this just one of those tracks that is able to transport you to far away places.

Draconian – Death Come Near Me

If I was pressed to name one band that encapsulates everything about the modern Doom era then Draconian are they. This track is from the ‘Arcane Rain Fell’ album, and whilst the band have continued to develop and evolve over the years, this remains my personal favourite track

Clouds – Errata

Released as a single in 2015 this is Atmospheric Doom at its finest, packed with despair and sorrow, a really moving piece of music. Listen on YouTube

Uaral – Sounds Of Pain

Title track from the 2005 album, this takes you onto so many different levels, the vocal performance is just amazing. Listen on YouTube

Aleah – Vapour

I feel compelled to end this rather eclectic playlist with my own small tribute to Aleah who sadly passed away on the 18th of April 2016 at the age of just 39. A lady that had and shared such talent, emotion and vision. The world has been tragically robbed of an amazing talent. Listen on YouTube

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