TBFM Music Industry Awards

Its that time of year again ladies and gents! We are looking for your help to suggest the best new songs of 2016, the best festivals, best videos, albums and a lot more.

There are 3 phases that the awards go through. Phase 1 which we are at now is where you suggest up to 3 nominations in each of the topics. Phase 2 which opens in November is the list of the most popular suggestions which you vote on and then phase 3 is the short listed finalists which will be announced in December. Then its off to the awards night 28th January 2017 for the big final where we crown the best in the music business for unsigned and independent rock, punk and metal. Oh yeah, and you are all invited of course!

So please help us out and put your suggestions forward at http://www.tbfmonline.co.uk/tbfmawards

You can even win 2 tickets to the awards night just for putting suggestions forward!


Mucka Jay & The TBFM Team

About David Farrell

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