Takeaway Thieves – Find My Way Home (acoustic single)

Takeaway Thieves

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On 8 August 2020
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A stunning song that will melt your ears!

Party animals Takeaway Thieves show their serious side with latest single ‘Find My Way Home’ due for release on Aug.7th 2020. They strip the song to its bare bones as lead vocalist Peter McLoughlin delivers some powerful vocals over acoustic guitar lines that could melt a glacier. An example being “Another show is over, another curtain call. Streetlight recreation leaves me bouncing off the walls”.

The song deals with the consequences of addiction and the safe haven of home as Pete explains “Find My Way Home is a song warning about how you can get bitten by addiction to sex, drugs and rock n roll. Wanting to go home but the allure of the night is making it difficult to return home.”

Guitarist Neil Hunter adds “Home is where the heart is. It’s where we smell our mothers cooking, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Yet for some people their actions conscientiously prevent them from being able to find their way home”. The video is as simplistic as the song. No big production to bull it up and it’s a darn sight better for it.

Crank it up and get completely lost in this beautiful song.

Links to the band can be found here :-

Band Website: www.takeawaythieves.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/takeawaythieves/

Instagram – www.instagram.com/takeawaythieves

Twitter – www.twitter.com/takeawaythieves 

Takeaway Thieves band line up :-

Peter McLoughlin – Lead vocals.

Ben ‘bunny’ Gibson – Lead guitar.

Neil Hunter – Rhythm guitar.

Adam Hall – Bass guitar.

Max Yates – Drums.

A stunning song that will melt your ears!

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