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Tankard – For A Thousand Beers – Album Review – Planetmosh.

Rewind to 1988 to my tape trading days as a fellow trader from Germany sent me The Morning After album by a band called Tankard. It was all thrilling thrash metal but they had a punk edge to, point proven by the stone-cold classic song ‘Try Again’. Fast forward to …

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Tankard – R.I.B.

.@Planetmosh @Anybody reviews “R.I.B.” by @tankardofficial released via @nuclearblasteu If there was a contest for the album title of the year Tankard could definitely be a candidate with their new album “R.I.B.” (“Rest In Beer”).  These German metallers are well-known to thrash metal lovers since the early eighties. With 15 full-length albums since then already under …

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