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The Spectre Beneath – The Downfall of Judith King

I’ve been presented with this album in a nonconventional way (usually I get to pick, but this time a friend said please review this album it’s just up your street!) and somehow this was the perfect introduction to The Spectre Beneath and the Downfall of Judith King. I have been …

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SikTh – Death Of A Dead Day

Happy 10th anniversary to SikTh‘s Death Of A Dead Day which was originally released back in the distanct past of June 2006.  To mark this significant milestone,  Peaceville Records chose to re-release the album in September 2016.  So how do you review a 10 year old selection of songs that have already had an …

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Beholder Premiere New Video ‘Frozen Steps Of Utøya’

Beholder Premiere New Music Video ‘Frozen Steps Of Utøya’   BEHOLDER have premiered the first single / video from their highly anticipated third album ‘REFLECTIONS’ (release date to be confirmed). The track ‘FROZEN STEPS OF UTØYA’ is a pre finalised and as yet unmastered mix, nevertheless it is a powerful …

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