SYLOSIS Band Posts Teaser Clip Discussing The Forthcoming Album ‘Dormant Heart’


SYLOSIS are set to release their fourth studio album Dormant Heart on the 12th of January 2015 and in anticipation of the release, frontman Josh Middleton decided to give fans an insight into the band’s new offering by recording a teaser clip. The clip includes music, lyrics, studio footage and more info about the recording of the new album. Watch the teaser over on the band’s Facebook page: – click ‘HD’ to watch in full quality.

The second album trailer was posted online last week and sees Josh explaining the artwork for the new album, including where the idea came from and how much he was involved being an artist himself:

The artwork was created by Bristol based artist BONFIRE (Opeth, Satyricon, Kataonia), who has previously designed some t-shirts for the band. On the theme of the artwork, Josh comments: “The cover relates to sacrifice (the sacrificial lamb is more of a symbol than something to be taken literally) but also the looming, oppressing figure in the background represents corruption and being forced into something against your will.”

Album trailer #1: Josh discusses the title of the new album, where it was recorded and who was involved:

Despite the name, Dormant Heart is not a peaceful album: It’s about a powerful force unleashing anger against everyday injustice and a sleeping society that lets these things wash over them.

Speaking about the album Josh states: “It’s the most pissed-off, aggressive and intense album we’ve done, yet it still retains the epic, progressive and melodic side we’re also known for. It’s a very gloomy and atmospheric album. We’ve been through a lot as a band and individuals and we’ve made our darkest album to date.

“The title refers to people going through life on autopilot and being one of the herd, how a lot of people simply accept the way things are just because it’s ‘tradition’ as opposed to taking a good look at the world around you and thinking for yourself. Sometimes there are catalysts that happen and change our perspective or consciousness.”

The album was produced by Middleton with the help of engineer Scott Atkins and was mastered by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney.

SYLOSIS began tracking the new album back in March 2014, working away secretly alongside touring commitments. Drum tracks were recorded in May at Monkey Puzzle House by original drummer Rob Callard, who parted ways with the band last month due to time restraints. After filling in for some live shows during SYLOSIS’ Spring 2014 tour, BLEED FROM WITHIN’s drummer Ali Richardson is now a permanent member of the band.

The band revealed the first track from the new album a few weeks ago, titled Mercy:

Josh has since recorded a tutorial of the track for us and that clip is now up on his YouTube channel where he hosts a variety of other guitar tutorials:

“Mercy is the first single off the new album,” states Josh. “It’s got a pretty dark and heavy vibe to it but it’s one of the most melodic tracks on the album at the same time. It’s got a big slow, doomy outro with an octave pedal on the guitars so that’s going to rumble some guts live.”



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Dormant Heart tracklist:

1. Where The Wolves Come To Die

2. Victims And Pawns

3. Dormant Heart

4. To Build A Tomb

5. Overthrown

6. Leech

7. Servitude

8. Indoctrinated

9. Harm

10. Mercy

11. Callous Souls

12. Quiescent

Bonus tracks:

13. Pillars Erode

14. Zero (Smashin’ Pumpkins cover)


Bonus DVD

The Dormant Heart Sessions – Live in the studio

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