Svartsot interview with Cris and James, 22 February 2014

@Planetmosh spoke with Cris and James from Savrtsot ahead of their first ever UK show.

On Saturday 22 February, Asgard Event Promotions brought an as yet unseen band to the UK in the form of Danish folk metal’ers Svartsot.  Playing as part of the 3rd annual Jorvik Viking Festival fringe event this show was not only their first UK headlining show but also their first ever show in the UK!

Ahead of their set that evening I spoke to Cris (lead guitar) and James (Bass).

SvartsotIn the run up to the weekend I’d been getting myself more familiar with their music and before I’d seen them live I was inclined to like them simply because of their highly amusing Facebook page (go look and read) which shows a band that is prepared to entertain.

Fibbers in York is not a large venue and so the crowd is concentrated in a fairly small space but that can often make it all the better.  The audience were engaged throughout with bouncing and dancing breaking out as well as a few pits.  The first of which is possibly the smallest but happiest pit I have ever seen; more happy dancing than real moshing.

Their third song ‘Æthelred’ must be well know as the crowd had their arms in the air ready for it.  There’s a very interesting mix of music brought into their songs via the various instruments used, bringing that very real folk melody and which balanced well with the more aggressive vocals.  It also worked well with the mike stand that was set up to hold two cans of bear.  Surely the next ‘must have’ of all musicians?

‘Midsommer’ is from their upcoming album which from the crowd’s reaction looks set to be a hit.  The addition of bagpipes gave it a great back melody and the audience couldn’t seem to help but get moving and dance to this one.  The venue was getting just a tad warm by this stage but spirits were staying high and not only was this great entertainment musically but they engaged with the crowd really well; even joining them on someone’s shoulders to play guitar during the en core before being politely delivered back to the stage.  There were also chants of ‘Yorkshire’ from the audience which may have been ever so slightly encouraged by their resident Northern James.  But hey, when in the North.

Overall I was very impressed with my first Svartsot gig and Jorvik Viking Festival; friendly people, great entertainment and well, just a good time to be had.

Set List

  1. Jotunheimsfærden
  2. Skovens
  3. Æthelred
  4. højen
  5. Laster and Tarv
  6. Dødedansen
  7. Farsoten Kom
  8. Midsommer
  9. Allerkæresten
  10. Kromandens
  11. Lokkevisen
  12. Kilden
  13. Skønne Møer
  14. …Og Landed

En Core

  1. Havruens
  2. Gravøllet

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