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Suzi Quatro

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On 24 March 2019
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This is a great album with songs like "Love isnt fair" an "Strings" being two highlights in particular.

To many of us, the name Suzi Quatro is likely to conjure up memories of her playing bass as she sang hits such as “Can the can” and “Devil gate drive” on Top of the Pops. It’s hard to believe that was the early 70s, and that her music career began years earlier, in the 60s, meaning that she’s now been making music for over fifty years. She’s still not planning to retire and has signed to SPV/Steamhammer to release her latest album – No control.

Check out the video for opening track, “No soul/No control”…

While this album may not have the same raw energy of those early hits, songs like “Macho man” have a good strong sound and a fair amount of energy. That’s a song I can imagine being a great song performed live. The album is quite diverse – some straight rock and roll, some more bluesy numbers, some slower songs and some faster but it’s all good stuff. The horns used on “strings” give the song a great sound – it’s a song that stands out from the rest as a bit different but it’s one of my favourite songs here. Another song that stands out is “Love isn’t fair”. Suzi Quatro says “I wanted to create a Blondie meets Mavericks” song and I think I accomplished it” and I have to agree – that’s a perfect description of the song

“Easy pickings” ranges from the bluesy section with the harmonica giving plenty of atmosphere to a much heavier rock as the song progresses.

This is a great album with songs like “Love isnt fair” an “Strings” being two highlights in particular. It’s an album where there is a lot of variety but it still works as an album rather than feeling like any of the songs don’t quite fit with the others. I’m sure some of these songs will be played live when she tours in April and I’m betting they’ll sound great.

“No control” will be released on 19th March 2019

Track listing:

1. No soul/No control
2. Going home
3. Strings
4. Love isn’t fair
5. Macho man
6. Easy pickings
7. Bass line
8. Don’t do me wrong
9. Heavy duty
10. I can teach you to fly
11. Going down blues

This is a great album with songs like "Love isnt fair" an "Strings" being two highlights in particular.

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