Sumo Cyco – Phase One Records – Liverpool – 13/06/2019

Anybody who knows about Sumo Cyco will know they are all about their fans. This was never more evident than when myself and my trusted wingman caught up with them at Phase One Records in Liverpool. After we’d had a chat (see Sty’s interview with them) we headed on inside to watch the support acts. The promoter had pulled a blinder by filling the night with female lead acts the first of which we caught was Crawlers. This young four piece made up of Amy, Liv, Holly and Ben had attitude in spades, and were warmly welcomed by the crowd. During their set they pulled out quite an interesting surprise by the singer playing a trumpet (or was it a clarinet, classical instruments aren’t my strong point) either way it was different and should be admired.



Next up was Our Divinity, I was initially worried as the singer Jess’s voice seemed too small to be picked up by the mic. But I was soooo wrong! Once she opened up her lungs she filled the venue. I was so stunned by this I just smiled to myself through the rest of the song. By the second song I started to notice the proficiency of the rest of the band. This is a five piece, (which seems to have fallen out of favour in recent year) and we were gifted a twin guitar attack by the black surgical masked Danny & Gary. Not to be outdone Dan on Bass at one point held a note from the end of one song into the next. Giving it a feel way beyond this small gig. The last track started off with some pre-recorded backing before progressing into an ever-increasing tempo I just loved it. The exceptional guitar work of Danny, tapping away with such confidence, should also be noted I could have watched Our Divinity all night and gone home a happy man.




The final support (or should I say warm up) was Bronnie. Now while I would like to wax lyrical about this young lady I think I should get right to the point. She is bloody brilliant! From the moment she got on stage the venue was hers, the crowd was on her side from the outset and while there was some die hard Sumo Cyco fans in the audience you would have thought she was the headliner. This is why I have said she was the warm up because that’s what she did, she warmed the crowd up all the way to boiling point. If you like the style of Sumo Cyco GO AND SEE BRONNIE you can thank me later.



Now that the prelims are over let’s get on with the main event. As I said at the beginning Sumo Cyco are all about the fans. On this “Upload Tour” just before Download (see what they did there) they have circled the country, not only headlining small gigs, but holding VIP acoustic sets with uber fans. This doesn’t stop there though, Skye (vocals) and Matty (lead guitar) interact with the audience at all moments throughout the gig. Whether it’s Skye standing on the edge of the stage, gyrating so sexily, or Matt sweating profusely, this is an interactive show. It gets even more 3D when she jumps into the centre of the crowd and basically starts a mosh pit. Matty joins in a little later too by balancing Skye on one shoulder before jumping off the stage with her still perched atop. To say every song they play is an anthem (including the song Anti-anthem) is not an exaggeration they are that good. This is a band who don’t play by the rules, they self-fund the tour, they sell the merch at the end and are crowd funding the next album. After the gig I sit back and watch as the band interact with the fans half of whom Skye and Matty seem to know by name. If this isn’t the meaning of rock and roll I don’t know what is. The great news is they are coming back to the UK at the end of the year. See you then!


All photos by Styography Photos

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