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On 6 May 2021
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Sumo Cyco have once again delivered superb a post punk rock album with a twist of reggae.

What you’ve never heard of Sumo Cyco? Well you will do so soon. They have been around for 10 years now, have released two albums and have a loyal fanbase. What they have been lacking, up to now, was a major record label.

Well no more, their new album has been released through Napalm Records, which undoubtedly means more promotion and hopefully the attention they deserve.

The first two songs “Love you wrong” and “Bystander” follow on from their previous works. Slightly slurry vocals that are sexy and yet empowering. Skye “Sever” Sweetnam is in charge and just wants to know which of her gangs you want to be in. If you hear either of them on there own you will be singing the chorus for the rest of the day.

Vertigo is totally different, if it wasn’t for the metal backing this could be a pop-tastic hit. I could hear Matt “MD13” Drake wanting to go crazy on his guitar but he held back and the restraint fitted nicely.

Bad News is anything but, I can sense the time and care which has been taken over every track, the way Matt chops at his axe while Matt “Trozzi” on drums and Oscar Aneset on bass guitar hammer out the beat is epic.

The start of No Surrender is my favourite song of the album. Once again letting everyone know Sever can do anything she wants with her voice. I think she could win a speed rap contest.

I’m sure Sever will hate me for saying this but she sometimes sounds like Gwen Stefani and this is noticeable in M.I.A. The difference being that she’s not a sell out.

As the album concept continues each song Cyclone, Run with Giants, Overdrive, Power and Control, This Dance is Doomed and Awakened experimenting with sounds and technics while still sitting firmly in the Sumo Cyco sound we all know and love.

For me this is a massive step up from what was already an excellent back catalogue. They will lose no fans and I feel they will gain many more.

Release Date: May 7, 2021

Skye “Sever” Sweetnam – vocals
Matt “MD13” Drake – lead guitar
Matt “Trozzi” – drums
Oscar Aneset – bass

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Sumo Cyco have once again delivered superb a post punk rock album with a twist of reggae.

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