Stray Cats – 40

“40” is the new album from Stray Cats. It came as a surprise for many fans as after a 26 year gap since their last album I doubt many people expected the band to ever record a new album, even after they performed their first live shows for a decade in 2018, but happily they have. The title reflects the fact that the band are celebrating their 40th anniversary.
Original founding members Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom are all present for the new album, and they’ve kept things how they’ve always been – Brian Setzer on guitar, Lee Rocker on double bass and Slim Jim Phantom on a very simple drum kit with just two or three drums rather than the full-blown kit most drummers play with.

The album kicks off with “Cat fight (over a dog like me)”. Check it out here…

Once I heard that opening I knew this was an album I wanted to hear more from, and this album certainly delivers plenty of great tracks. In some ways it’s an old-school rockabilly album but the production is modern so it’s got a really clear sound and plenty of punch.

Check out the video for “Rock it off”

It’s rare that I’ll pick an instrumental as my favourite track on an album but the instrumental on this album – “Desperado” is fantastic – think Dick Dale playing Misirlou meets spaghetti western. I love that guitar sound, and this really is a standout track.

The album ends with “Devil train”, a great track that’s a great way to end this excellent album.

“40” will be released on 24th May 2019

Track listing:

1. Cat fight (over a dog like me)
2. Rock it off
3. I’ve got love if you want it
4. Cry danger
5. I attract trouble
6. Three time’s a charm
7. That’s messed up
8. When nothing’s going right
9. Desperado
10. Mean pickin’ mama
11. I’ll be looking out for you
12. Devil train

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