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On 21 October 2018
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Stormrider show that every cloud has a silver lining!

A chance viewing of Stormrider came with them supporting Troyen at the Salty Dog in Northwich recently and my standpoint of watching the opening band was well rewarded with their very impressive set!

Formed in Manchester early 2017, they have released a four track EP titled Heavy Metal Machine that more than lives up to its name with the title track filling a frantic four minutes with the guitar virtuosity of spidery fills, full on riffing and an over the top solo from Cristiano Lopes. Snapping snare work from Robert Beeton, driving bass lines from Przemyslaw Przytulo and grizzly bear gruffed vocals by man mountain Mike Coyle make this heavy metal machine fire on all cylinders! Its chest beating bravado is strengthened by the call to arms chorus of “Ready to fight, in for the kill, never give up, never give in. Setting the charge, full throttle speed, ready to strike, heavy metal machine”.

The pace slows down as a gentle acoustic guitar bolsters the soothing vocals for ‘In Time’ that was dedicated to Mikes grandfather at the gig containing personal lyrics including the couplet of ” And though I cry, you’re by my side, you’ve placed your strength, for us to try”. Powerchords crash in as the song kicks into gear with an adrenaline rush guitar solo and an operatic vocal. ‘The Patroller’ is a NWOBHM tinged romp with a modern edge as a frantic gallop is peppered with guitar overloads.

‘Made Of Metal’ could be their anthem of the future that closes the EP with a huge headbanging main riff providing the base for a heavy drum and bass guitar pound leading to a testosterone filled chorus of “We are made, made of metal, we are strong, united as one”. It veers off into the fast lane midway as the choruses power up for a gripping outro.


Stormrider - Heavy Metal Machine EPHeavy Metal Machine EP track listing :-

Heavy Metal Machine.

In Time.

The Patroller.

Made Of Metal.

Stormrider band line up :-

Mike Coyle – Vocals.

Cristiano Lopes – Guitars.

Przemyslaw Przytulo – Bass guitar.

Robert Beeton – Drums.


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Stormrider show that every cloud has a silver lining!

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