STEVE LUKATHER – Transition cd

It’s hard for me to explain where Steve is in his life at the moment, so it’s best if we use a quote from Steve himself to explain his personal ups and downs surrounding this album, As it contains some of the most heart-felt songs of his career. steve l

“Transition is a turning point for the album and a turning point for me,” Steve explains. “As we were writing the songs, I was thinking about everything I’ve seen — all the people I’ve lost in my life, the great and the difficult experiences I’ve had, and how ultimately it was time to get it together and embrace things for what they are.”
“I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and now is a perfect time for me to take stock of that, which is part of what Transition is about”.
“Transition” is Steve’s seventh solo record and marks a turning point from his previous solo record “All’s Well that Ends Well”, where the former was more hard edged, more rockier, this release is decidedly more easy listening in comparison, very laid back even. Has he found peace at last ?
The opening track ‘Judgement Day’ says nearly everything about this record, blending superb songwriting and expert musicianship to bring you a song full of emotion, the guitar solo at the end just begs to go on for a lot longer, however Steve chooses to fade it out.
The other tracks follow the same path with a few trips into jazz fusion/ west coast AOR territory along the way. The nine tracks are filled with stunning hooks, some great Harmonies and off course superb guitar playing from Steve .However the title track is a little different, You begin to think it’s an instrumental, but four minutes in, there are vocals, though not many, before dropping back.
On this opus we experience a lot more of his personal torment and this ‘Transition’ is part of Steve’s continual healing process in his turbulent private life.
It is hard to pick a favorite track at the moment, as I am loving all the album, they are all stand out tracks, just what the doctor ordered.
The production is crisp and as polished as any of Steve’s past solo efforts, and with a great mix, this is one of his best solo efforts to date.
9/10. Another master class in songwriting from Mr Lukather

1. Judgement Day
2. Creep Motel
3. Once Again
4. Right The Wrong
5. Transition
6. Last Man Standing
7. Do I Stand Alone
8. Rest Of The World
9. Smile

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