Sterbhaus – Angels For Breakfast,God For Lunch.

Formed in Stockholm in 2007, Swedish thrash/death metal band Sterbhaus should really be in straitjackets instead of being in a band as they sound truly demented on their second album Angels For Breakfast,God For Lunch. It was released via Kilhead Productions on Sept.18th 2012 and contains 12 tracks of twisted metal that defies any tag that can be put on it.

The psychotic vocal delivery of Marcus Hammarstrom alone sets the tone of the album as the raging guitars,bass and drums swirl all around him. Of the 12 tracks on the album, the intensity levels are pushed to the max but standouts are opener Insecticide which rushes in with Strapping Young Lad type riffing over an unhinged vocal delivery. Following track Ripping The Pope’s rat-a-tat drum patterns and Berzerker like sheet guitars rage for just over the 3 minute mark. Absolutely Do Not Die’s old school metal riffing provides a heavy foil to more demonic barked vocals.

The Great Dreamsmasher Of Conformity has vintage Slayer chugging riffing throughout over a deeper,roaring vocal. The melodic intro of Tell Them I Hate Them gives way to speed metal guitars with  strange off kilter drumming. Retardival brings the pace right down with moody guitar lines over a grating riff. Faceplant Armageddon lives up to it’s title with it’s feral velocity tempos. Highlight of the album is final track Ministry. At just over 7 minutes long, it begins with vintage Tankard style riffing before heading off into multi time changes. A fitting way to end 45 minutes of metal mayhem!

Sterbhaus band line up :-

Marcus Hammarstrom – Vocals/bass guitar.

Jimmy Ahovalli – Lead guitar.

Simon Olovsson – Guitar.

Viktor Bingselius – Drums.


Angels For Breakfast,God For Lunch album track listing  :-


Ripping The Pope.

Absolutely Do Not Die.

The Great Dreamsmasher Of Conformity.

Tell Them I Hate Them.


Captain Bible In The Dome Of The Dead.

Faceplant Armageddon.



Project Satan.



I award the album 9.5/10.


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