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Steel Threads

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On 22 August 2014
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A scintillating blend of folk and rock music from duo Steel Threads.

steel threads live epAs good as Steel Thread‘s studio albums are to chill out to, their live shows are a completely different animal. A lot of it is off the cuff, with assorted cover songs with added quips from members Neil Wardleworth ( vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion ) and Laura Wilcockson ( violin, vocals ).  This 7 track new E.P consists of 6 live tracks which gives an insight into their live shows plus a brand new track ‘Over Before You Begun’ and will be available via on October 4th 2014 but can be pre-ordered now.

4 of the 6 live tracks come from their debut Timing Is Everything and the remaining 2 from the follow up recent release For Those Who Are Left. Opening track ‘Nothing To Hide’ is a fine example of the live vibe as the upbeat rhythms reminiscent of ‘Your So Vain’ by Carly Simon kick in with Laura’s violin seeming to echo around the venue. Other  favourites here are ‘Last Night’s Love’ with Neil’s gritty vocal and gentle strum accompanied by Laura’s gentle bow work and picked notes make the track a lot edgier than the studio take. The dual vocals in ‘Believe’ are very emotional to say the least with a musically powerful ending.

‘It Goes On’ again raises the bar with raw, lilting vocals as the quirky folk chords develop into a full on speedy jig climax but personal highlight is the new track ‘Over Before You Begun’. It is hard to believe that just 2 people are making a song sound as big as this. The mood brings to mind Harvest era Neil Young with a heart wrenching vocal delivery and easily the most powerful song Steel Threads have penned to date.

Steel Threads band :-

Neil Wardleworth – Vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion.

Laura Wilcockson – Vocals, violin.


Live E.P track listing :-

Nothing To Hide.

Last Night’s Love.


Hold Me Like We’ll Die Tonight.

It Goes On.

Let The Wind Blow.

Over Before You Begun (new track).

A scintillating blend of folk and rock music from duo Steel Threads.

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