Steel Threads – For Those Who Are Left.

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Steel Threads

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On 7 February 2014
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Vibrant acoustic power folk/rock duo deliver their 2nd innovative full length studio album

steel threadsIt is only February and already I may have found my album of the year! ‘For Those Who Are Left‘ is the 2nd studio album by Steel Threads. The band describe themselves as a “Power folk/rock band using guitar/violin and vocal harmony to create uniqueness”. That statement perfectly sums them up after a few listens to the album. It is made up of 11 songs that run a rollercoaster of bitter sweet emotions over 35 minutes. Formed in 2011 they have progressed quickly as they released their debut album ‘Timing Is Everything’ via Rocksector Records in June 2012. Now they are independent, the new album was pledge funded and was released sooner than expected due to their dedicated fan base.

The band consist of Laura Wilcockson on violin/vocals and Neil Wardleworth on acoustic guitar/vocals but he also uses a kick drum when playing live and their playing at times seems telepathic. The album begins strongly with ‘Believe’ as a piercing David Bowie like vocal from Neil is backed up by upbeat guitar chords as Laura’s violin and lilting backing vocal weave in and out as the song ends in a strong passionate finale. In complete contrast following track ‘Disappear’ is a quirky folk ditty with touches of Jethro Tull and this is how the album progresses as each song has its own identity with highlights that include the bubbly jig of ‘All My Time’ with prominent violin lines and a mainly twin vocal to give the song some sublime harmonies.

The heartfelt lyrics and music in ‘Beautiful Friend’ soothe like early Marc Bolan. Tinges of Neil Young rise during ‘It Goes On’, a slow burner that builds up towards a double tracked violin mid-section and a big vocal to end with. ‘New Song’ has a ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ vibe. It is a touching and mournful lament with moody but beautiful violin passages. The title track  is all big Pete Townshend type guitar chords with a shimmering violin mid section and album closer ‘Twisted Up is the most uptempo song here and strangely enough some of the chords bring to mind Rapid Fire by Judas Priest! All in all an album that I probably would not normally listen to but I’m sure glad I did.

Look out for Steel Threads playing near you. You will not be disappointed.

Steel Threads band line up :-

Neil Wardleworth – Guitar/vocals.

Laura Wilcockson – Violin/vocals.


‘For Those Who Are Left’ track listing :-



All My Time.

Beautiful Friend.

The Boy Who Lost His way.

Take This With You.

It Goes On.

New Song.

Follow You.

For Those Who Are Left.

Twisted Up.

Vibrant acoustic power folk/rock duo deliver their 2nd innovative full length studio album

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