Starset – Debut Album “Transmission” Out On 24th November

starsetStarset is set to release their debut studio album Transmissions on 24th November 2014 via Razor & Tie. The album was produced by Rob Graves (All That Remains, Red).

Starset is a rock band from Columbus, Ohio formed by Dustin Bates (he was formerly the lead singer with the group Downplay (Epic)). A singer, songwriter and accomplished musician, Bates also boasts some serious scientific credentials. A PhD candidate in electrical engineering from Ohio University, he has done research for the U.S. Air Force and taught at the International Space University. In 2013 Dustin formed Starset after being contacted by an organization called The Starset Society and its President, Dr. Aston Wise. Bates was asked if he was interested in forming a band to promote the organization’s message. At its core, the message is a warning that involves a scientific discovery that is currently being controlled and manipulated by an elite few.

Fpr the album, imagine an audio-visual schema culled from the fever-dreams of Trent Reznor and Phillip K. Dick. The Starset Society is an admonishment of what mankind could become when technologies are created without implication. Songs like the USA radio hit and first UK single, “My Demons” or sprawling “Halo” are the audio accompaniment to a tale set amongst humanity’s highest aspirations and utter ruin. Bates’ voice is at once plaintive and bellicose: a rage against the machine of slashing guitars and pulsing electronics where songs like “Carnivore” are slaked with heaviness and harmony while the likes of “Telescope” show a haunting, poignant side to Dustin’s dangerous visions.

The themes and ideological fractals at the core of Starset are completely fact-based. They date back to 1899 when Nikola Tesla detected cosmic radio signals he believed to be communications from alien intelligences. They are also as cutting edge as the recent discovery of Planet Kepler 186, a “Twin Earth” light years away that could one day become a home for a spacefaring human race.

Starset are set to tour the UK in early 2015

Album tracklisting
1 First Light
2 Down With The Fallen
3 Halo
4 Carnivore
5 Telescope
6 It Has Begun
7 My Demons
8 Anti Gravity
9 Dark On Me
10 Let It Die
11 Future Is Now
12 Point Of No Return
13 Rise and Fall

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