Stallion interview with Pauly – July 2014

PlanetMosh’s Dennis caught up with the band and here is what transpired

1: For people new to Stallion, When and where was the band formed?
Stallion-Band_11-300x200Pauly: Äxxl (Guitars) and me started the band in 2013 but we always had the dream of STALLION since we have been sharing a flat and everything else for 6 years, haha. At first we couldn´t find the right people for the band cause we always had a special concept of the band and it´s sound so we decided first to write, record and release our first EP „Mounting the World“ all by ourselves. We did it and the reaction of the scene just blew us away. So we formed the whole lineup with good friends of ours from other bands and that´s it. Together we just wrote and recorded our first full length Album „Rise and Ride“ which is about to come out on High Roller Records on September 12th, hell yeah.

2: Describe the Stallion sound?
Pauly: It´s very important for us to bring different styles together we like best. So you can find Hard Rock Riffs in our music as well as galloping Speed Metal Hymns and even some Thrashing parts. I think that´s the most special thing about our sound.

3: Is there a main songwriter or is it a band effort?
Pauly: The first EP was only written by Äxxl and me. For the new release Äxxl mainly wrote the riffs which have been arranged to complete songs by the whole band. I do all the lyrics for STALLION.

4: Do you find it easy to write songs as you have written so many in such a short space of time?
Pauly: Well I think that depends on how often you jam together. Äxxl and me are sharing a flat for a long time now and one year ago Niki (Bass) moved in as well. Sometimes the songs are flowing naturally, on other ones you have to work for months, haha. I would not say that we are very fast songwriters.

5: Where and when was Stallion’s 1st gig?
Pauly: Actually our first show was at the famous Metal Assault Festival on February 8th 2014 in Würzburg, Germany. We just formed the complete Stallion LineUp 3 months before this show and it was such an honour to play with band like Jaguar, Omen and Riot on this Festival. We were so fucking nervous before the show and I was ill, running a temprature of 40 degree, haha. But it was so much fun to open this Festival and this first show ever is also going to be released on a Bonus DVD in a limited edition of our upcoming Album „Rise and Ride“.

6: What is the best and worst gig you have been to?
Pauly: The best was King Diamond on Rock Hard Festival 2013 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. It was my first King-Show and I always thought I would never see him live, so that was like a dream come true.
The worst gig was Manowar at their special Hell on Earth part 4 – Show with Symphony Orchestra and all this shit in 2005 at Earthshakerfestival in Germany. You can buy this shitty concert on DVD but I can tell you, I´ve been there and the DVD has nothing to do with the real show. They fucked up everything, acting like fucking gods. And I don´t say that easily cause normally I love Manowar. Just an example of how they play us for suckers sometimes!

7: What song did you hear that inspired you to form a band?
Pauly: Light Up the Sky (Van Halen – Van Halen II). My brother showed me that song when I was 8 and that was it – infected for live!

8: Have you a favourite studio album, a live album and why?
That´s a hard question coz in my opinion that always depends on the stuff you´re listening to for a while. But „Hey Stupid“ by Alice Cooper is one of my all time favorite Studio-Albums for sure, every song is a hit!
My favourite Live-Album… let me think… I have to admit that I don´t listen to Live-Albums that often but I really liked the „Once in a Live time“ record by Dream Theater. Awesome sound and the did a Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribite on that one by adding the Free Bird – Outro to their song „Take your Time“ which is a brilliant idea couse I love both songs.

9: ‘Rise and Ride’ is due in September. How does it feel having you full length debut about to be released?
Pauly: Oh yeah, I´m so fucking proud of this album and I´m so excited about what the people will think of it. Just can´t wait to perform the songs live!

Stallion logo10: What are your touring plans for 2014 and will they include the UK?
Pauly: We are going to do a huge European Tour with BULLET and STRIKER with 24 Shows from September 18th till October 12th. Unfortunately there is no UK on the map for this time which is a fucking shame but I can´t change the routing. I really hope we will come to the UK in 2015, maybe for some festival shows. That would be awesome, couse I really love you guys and your beautiful countries!

11: Where will the album be available?
Pauly: Well it will be release via High Roller Records so I think you will be able to order it everywhere, I guess. But for those people who want to support us directly, you can order it through our STALLION Facebook shop where you can also get our merch and stuff.

12. Thanks for taking our questions. Have you any message for our readers at
Pauly: Oh yeah, thank you all for your support and check out the new Album „Rise and Ride“. Just can´t wait to rock the UK-Stages so watch! The STALLION will ride on, yehaa!

New album Rise And Ride due Sept 12th 2014. Click here to read Dennis’s 5/5 review.

Stallion are :- Pauly/Lead vocals, Axxl/Guitars, Oli G./Guitars, Niki/Bass guitar and Aaron/Drums.



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