Stahlmann – Adamant

At first listen, German electro-industrialists Stahlmann evoke immediate comparisons with fellow countrymen Rammstein – huge chugging, crunching riffs, backed by punchy rhythms… and vocals delivered in their native language!  Add in a penchant for covering themselves in silver paint on stage, and its a parellel which they make stupidly simplistic to draw…

 Well, if truth be told, this sophomore album sounds like a complete clone of the Teutonic superstars – or, more accurately, a collection of studio out-takes and cast-offs.  Vocalist Mart sounds like Herr Lindemann’s twin brother in that department while the fact that everything except the guitar is the result of programming also makes it sound stale and antiseptic.

Yes, there are some decent riffs, and the songs are good for what they are, but there is a severe lack of originality, and I found myself constantly resisting the temptation to reach for the skip – or more often the eject – button.  Fans of Rammstein (of which I am one) and this style of Germanic electronica will probably love this (sadly, I didn’t!)

Stahlmann - Adamant ArtworkTrack list:

1.  Die Welt Verbrennt

2.  Suechtig

3. Wenn Der Regen Kommt

4. Schwarz

5. Leuchtfeuer

6. Adrenalin

7. Der Schmied

8. Paradies

9. Nacht

10. Tempel Der Lust

11. Daemonin

‘Adamant’ is out now on AFM Records.

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