Sparta – No Retreat, No Surrender

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On 1 January 2017
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Mansfield metallers Sparta grit their teeth and pull out all the stops for No Retreat, No Surrender.

Steadfastly moving on with the original line up since their formation in 1979, NWOBHM band Sparta release No Retreat, No Surrender on Suspect Records. Eight new tracks plus a travel back in time to 1981 for one song shows a rich vein of songwriting. A lo fi production makes it all the more heavier. Raw and in your face is the only way, point proven by opener and title track. A Sabbath like bluster of riffs propel it along with a fine melodic lead vocal from Karl Reders. It ends on a speedy heavy metal run through with furious twin lead guitar work.

Follower ‘Dark Of Your Mind’ charges along on a ‘Don’t Believe A Word’ like groove. Fist clenching choruses and over the top guitar work keep the bar raised high. ‘Right To Fight’ is another firm hard rocker with a commercially heavy chorus. ‘Lords Of Time’, dating back to 1981 is a grinding blast from the past that fits in well with the rest of the album proving the fact that if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it! An intense chugging midway breakdown is backed by some neat Wishbone Ash like melodic twin lead breaks. ‘Land Of Mystery’ is a joyous metallic romp that gallops along  from start to finish with another killer chorus.

‘Stand Up For Heavy Rock And Metal’ does what the title implies with a call to arms anthemic lyric portraying the dedication to the music they love playing as the song is hammered out in a grimy early Motorhead style. ‘Flight Of The Storm King’ is a pulsating seven minute epic. Hard hitting stoner riffing combined with a compelling lead vocal topped off with majestic guitar solos makes it my track of the album. ‘We Are Gods’ is a meaty headbanger with a fuzzed up main riff over a sturdy backbone laid down by drummer Paul Reders. The battle scarred lyrics of ‘Victory’ add to the mood of the churning riffs and blistering solos. A fine way to end the album.

Sparta - No Retreat No Surrender
Sparta – No Retreat No Surrender

Sparta band line up :-

Tony Warren – Bass guitar.

Tony Foster – Guitar.

Paul Reders – Drums.

Karl Reders – Lead vocals.

Snake Reders – Guitar/vocals.

No Retreat, No Surrender track listing :-

No Retreat, No Surrender.

Dark Of Your Mind.

Right To Fight.

Lords Of Time.

Land Of Mystery.

Stand Up For Heavy Rock And Metal.

Flight Of The Storm King.

We Are Gods.







Mansfield metallers Sparta grit their teeth and pull out all the stops for No Retreat, No Surrender.

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