SOULHEALER reveal new album details & release date

On 17th October, 2014 the new album “Bear The Cross” from the Finnish melodic metal band SoulHealer will be released by PURE LEGEND RECORDS.

As with the previous release “Chasing The Dream“, the artwork was done again by Timo Wuerz. Janne Tolsa from Note-On Studio in Kuopio was in charge again for the mix and mastering. More news coming soon.

1. Unleash The Beast
2. Bear The Cross
3. The Journey Goes On
4. Fall From Grace
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Thorns In My Heart
7. The Viper’s Kiss
8. Blinded By The Light
9. Revealed
10. Settle The Score

Pasi Laakkonen – bass
Jani Nyman – drums
Sami Mikkonen – guitars
Teemu Kuosmanen – guitars, backing vocals
Jori Kärki – vocals

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