Sons Of Crom – Victory (Single)

A ‘one man band’ type project, Sons Of Crom features the work of two Swedish / Finnish musicians: Janne Posti and Iiro Sarkki.

Their new 12-minute “epic single”, “Victory”, is meant to serve as a rule or yardstick to show what they’re capable of, or what their upcoming full-length album might sound like.

This “folk metal” tune isn’t as layered or texturally rich as some. It’s derived from ‘bleak and melancholy’ roots, more typical of black metal. A lofty, atmospheric mood pervades, and the tempo is never ‘too fast’ or ‘too slow’.

A natural bass (male) vocal, well-performed, seems the most attention-getting aspect of the saga, which doesn’t feature many ‘breaks’, otherwise.

The band might benefit from dedicated instrumentalists (especially a drummer) instead of each musician assuming multiple roles.

“Victory” sounds similar to music that might be featured in film.

This will definitely appeal to fans of ‘atmospheric doom’ metal.

Here’s the tune, for your listening pleasure and consumption:


Band Lineup:
Janne Posti – Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Iiro Sarkki – Vocals, drums

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