Sonja Perenda – Time has come

Sonja Perenda is a classically trained singer from Austria.  As well as being a singer she’s a qualified lawyer and has played charity concerts to the homeless and in prisons across Austria and Germany.  She’s also performed to UN soldiers in Kosovo and Syria, toured Europe and the middle East, playing shows in places including Germany, Austria, Lebanpn, Egypt, Syria as well as playing major festivals in Germany and Austria.

Sonja has a great voice and this album really shows it off.  In the same way Nightwish with Tarja Turunen blended operatic vocals with metal, Sonja Perenda is blending operatic vocals with rock music.  The tracks are all quite different from each other – there’s a nice mix of styles that gives the album plenty of variety.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is the beautiful ballad “Voice of peace”.  It’s a fantastic song and Sonja’s vocals really do sound superb here and there’s a nice mix of vocal styles from the operatic chorus to the gentle emotional vocals in the verses.

Another highlight is “Devil in me”.  It’s a much rockier track, but equally great.  In fact the whole album is really good – all the songs are different from each other, but are of a consistently high standard and all feature Sonja’s great vocals.

A very good album that’s definitely worth checking out for fans of Tarja era Nightwish or female fronted rock/metal in general.

“Time has come” is out now.

Rating: 8/10

Track listing:

1. Judgement day
2. Live your dreams
3. The player
4. Time has come
5. Victim of a miracle
6. Voice of peace
7. Silent screams
8. Devil in me
9. You had it all
10. Whole again
11. Ray of hope (Duet with Omri Lahav)

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