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On 25 November 2015
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Another fine release to the Soldier discography.


The last studio album from Soldier entitled Dogs Of War gave them a hard act to follow but current release Defiant shows Soldier are still in a strong song writing vein. Although slightly more melodic it still rocks hard and shows the NWOBHM survivors are a force to be reckoned with. Available via Starhaven Records, it contains 10 songs of well crafted rock/metal. The bar is set high with the lengthy opener ‘Conquistador’ which could of made the album peak too early but its a gamble that has paid off, whetting the appetite for whats to follow. It tells the tale of ancient Spanish soldiers and explorers driven by surging riffs that build to huge choruses with vocalist Richard Frost in fine form.

Other songs of note are the follower ‘Leaving’ , a slice of commercially heavy hard rock bringing to mind early Boston. ‘Kill Or Cure’  surges along with a slow burning riff that headbangs its way into a catchy, melodic guitar solo midway. ‘Concrete Wilderness’ features some intense thought provoking lyrics in this majestic almost power ballad containing uptempo choruses. The hard rock suss continues with ‘Fight Or Fall’ with the choruses once again picking up the pace leading to a fiery guitar solo.

   ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ is a short, sharp blast of early Motorhead like rock and roll, followed by Richard’s most intense vocal on the grandiose metal in ‘Bullet Belt Blues’. The album closes with my favourite track ‘Don’t Come Crying To Me (Defiant)’. The heaviest song of the 10 with some powerful, churning riffs coursing throughout.


Album track listing :-



Kill Or Cure.

Concrete Wilderness.

Fight Or Fall.

Dead Man’s Curve.

Bullet Belt Blues.

Six Hundred.

A Light To See The Darkness.

Don’t Come Crying To Me (Defiant).

Soldier band line up :-

Ian Dick – Guitar.

Miles Goodman – Guitar.

Richard Frost – Vocals.

Tim Churchman – Drums.

Steve Barlow – Bass guitar.


Another fine release to the Soldier discography.

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