Soil Review

It’s always impressive when a band manages to come overseas and bust-out a sell out tour. It became even more impressive when looking upon the droves of rabid fans Soil and Puddle of Mudd brought out onto a pretty damn cold Southampton evening. Then again, is it really that surprising considering the stunning albums the bands have created? Or the news that the original vocalist of SOiL has returned for this one tour? No, I guess it isn’t.

When I got to the venue, it was a lot smaller than I expected. Knowing the general size of the crowd that bands such as SOiL and Puddle of Mudd attract I didn’t believe everyone would fit. Talking Heads is a classic pub styled venue, with a 260 capacity, and when you consider the size of the stage and bar plus the crowd, you can understand that the tiny venue didn’t leave much room to breathe, let alone move. Sweat may as well have been dripping off the walls!

Over the past few years Dear Superstar has made a bigger name for themselves and only fittingly the crowd began to fill the floor. Their energetic and lively stage presence kept the crowds entertained and they definitely succeeded riling the crowd up for the upcoming bands. They finished on what appeared to be one of their more well-known songs as several members of the crowd sang along enthusiastically.

Puddle of Mudd took over the stage with an almighty cheer from the crowds, who sang and danced along for the whole act. The enthusiasm of the crowd overriding what I can only describe as a poor and fairly disappointing stage performance comprising of old classics such as ‘Psycho’, ‘Blurry’ and finished on the song you remember as a kid, ‘She Hates Me’. In my opinion all the members looked bored and lead singer, Wes, seemed unable to sing 50% of his own songs, his voice sounding weak, and handing the mic to the fans, who honestly, did a better job. As soon as the set finished they seized the opportunity to leg it from the stage and do what a ‘rockstar’ does best… get drunk.

SOiL completely blew every band out of the water that night and definitely got the crowds moving and shouting along to every single song.

Celebrating the 10thanniversary of their album Scars, original vocalist Ryan McCombs took the stage with the band for the first time since 2004, delivering and powerful and emotional set. The band played an expected ‘old’ set, focusing on the songs from the two albums that featured Ryan. The band played songs such as  ‘Inside’, ‘Redefine’, ‘Remember’, ‘Black Seven’, ‘Unreal’ and that classic song ‘Halo’.

When their set came to an end, the band delivered an emotional speech to the crew and the fans. “The music starts with you, the music ends with you.” Stated Ryan. All the bands took the stage at the end of the night, dressed up and drinking bottles of Jägermeister… An unmissable gig, bringing an unforgettable experience.

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