Social Distortion to release new vinyl box set


 Four-LP set includes Mommy’s Little Monster, Prison BoundSex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll and Mainliner (Wreckage From the Past)

Spinefarm Records, in cooperation with Concord Bicycle is pleased to announce the November 25, 2016 release of The Independent Years: 1983 – 2004, Social Distortion’s first-ever vinyl box set collecting the band’s independent label output, Mommy’s Little Monster, Prison Bound, Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll and the early years compilation Mainliner (Wreckage From the Past). Mixing Bruce Springsteen’s factory-overalls ethic while supplying plenty of So Cal attitude and aggression, Social Distortion was formed by Mike Ness and his high school friendDennis Danell, breaking through in 1983 with the critically acclaimed first album Mommy’s Little Monster. Their 1988 follow-up, Prison Bound, hinted at a sonic change to come, and well before the band’s 2004 Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll their sound had solidified into the instantly recognizable brand of rock n’ roll that’s defined them since.

Mommy’s Little Monster (Red Translucent Vinyl)

The band’s 1983 debut album was recorded in a single session after Mike Ness’s participation in the 1982 punk documentary Another State of Mind. The epitome of early-80s suburban California punk and provided inspiration for many future Californians, including the Offspring and Rancid.” —All Music


Prison Bound (Clear Concrete Swirl Translucent Vinyl)

Social Distortion’s second album arrived in 1988, a full five years after their debut. Mike Ness’s Johnny Cash and Rolling Stones influences would figure in the band’s evolution from raw Orange County punk to the direction that would ultimately define their sound.


Mainliner (Wreckage From The Past)  (Clear Translucent Vinyl)

This collection of early singles and B-sides, recorded circa early ’80s and compiled for release in 1995, includes the fan favorites “1945,” “Moral Threat,” and a cover of the Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb.”


Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll  (Gold Translucent Vinyl)

Social Distortion’s sixth album was released in 2004, eight years after White Light, White Heat, White Trash. Marking a return to their independent label roots, the album is a musical eulogy to co-founder Dennis Danell, who died in 2000. The opening track, “Reach for the Sky,” would go on to become one of Social Distortion‘s biggest hits.


Social Distortion presently features Mike Ness, vocals; Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham, guitar; Brent Harding, bass; and Dave Hidalgo Jr., drums. Now in their fourth decade, the punk godfathers in the band have all but trademarked their sound, a brand of hard rockabilly/punk that’s cut with the melodic, road-tested lyrics of frontman Mike Ness. Their searing guitars and a locomotive rhythm section sound as alive today as they did in ’83, as do Ness’ hard-luck tales of love, loss and lessons learned.


The Independent Years: 1983 – 2004 (4-LP Set)

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Track listing:

Mommy’s Little Monster                

A1.  The Creeps

A2.  Another State of Mind

A3.  It Wasn’t A Pretty Picture

A4.  Telling Them

B1.  Hour Of Darkness

B2.  Mommy’s Little Monster

B3.  Anti-Fashion

B4.  All The Answers

B5.  Moral Threat


Prison Bound

A1.  It’s The Law

A2.  Indulgence

A3.  Like An Outlaw (For You)

A4.  Backstreet Girl

A5.  Prison Bound

B1.  No Pain No Gain

B2.  On My Nerves

B3.  I Want What I Want

B4.  Lawless

B5.  Lost Child


Mainliner (Wreckage From The Past)

A1.  1945 (Posh Boy Version)

A2.  Playpen (Posh Boy Version)

A3.  Mainliner

A4.  Moral Threat

A5.  All The Answers

B1.  Justice For All

B2.  Under My Thumb

B3.  1945 (13th Floor Version)

B4.  Playpen (13th Floor Version)

B5.  Mass Hysteria


Sex, Love And Rock ‘N’ Roll

A1.            Reach For The Sky

A2.            Highway 101

A3.  Don’t Take Me For Granted

A4.  Footprints On My Ceiling

A5.  Nickels And Dimes

B1.  I Wasn’t Born To Follow

B2.  Winner And Losers

B3.  Faithless

B4.  Live Before You Die

B5.  Angel’s Wings

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