Smash Into Pieces – New Video “Stronger”

In 2008, Benjamin Jennebo (guitarist), Isak Snow (drummer) and Viktor Vidlund (bassist) formed Smash Into Pieces and were joined later the same year by lead singer, Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye and Guitarist, Per Bergquist.

After touring and recording relentlessly for 4 years the band made their breakthrough when they were signed by Gain and Sony Records, which they then followed with the release of their debut album ‘Unbreakable’.
Their debut album full of solid riffs and melodic and catchy choruses shot straight into the top 10 of the Swedish charts, Their debut single ‘Colder’ from the album proved an even bigger success reaching 2 in the Swedish charts and becoming a radio anthem across Scandinavia.

Following the success of their debut release they hit the road again supporting the likes of rock heavy weights Alterbridge and Halestorm. Fast-forward to early 2015 and Smash Into Pieces will be releasing a follow up to their successful debut with ‘The Apocalypse DJ’.

Smash Into Pieces had this to say about their up and coming release ‘The Apocalypse DJ’
“We are all born on the endless Disaster Highway, where you can travel for a lifetime without going nowhere, where life sucks and then you die.
Through music, The Apocalypse DJ brought us together, chose our path and made us go our own way into the unknown. No matter where this journey takes us, we reached out for our dreams and we gave it all. The Apocalypse DJ is our savior.”


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