Slytract – Existing Unreal (CD)

These headbangers from Hungary were established in 2005 May, after Gábor B. Melegh’s previous band disbanded. Months later Tamás Galántay joined the band as the new drummer and the band really started to get noticed. After 2 EP’s they released their debut album ‘Explanation: Unknown in Vienna‘ in 2008.  Szabolcs Zsengellér, the new bassist cemented the already strong line up on March 2010. With the addition of Szabolcs the guys started work on their second full album. The album recording session were finished in December 2010 and superbly mixed. ‘Existing Unreal’ has just been released via Noisehead Records.

Fans of melodic extreme/death metal give these guys a listen as you should not be disappointed. Gábor’s growls along with the others precise playing, they shape each to track to sound different, yet seamlessly follow on from each other. ‘Nexus’ stands out due to the two very different vocal styles. The growls along with the clear, slightly eastern style vocals is very different from the rest of the album however it works very well and finishes up the album nicely.

Straight from the opening chords of ‘Aura’, Slytract lets us know that they have indeed built on their success of their last album and are not holding back at all. Harnessing their distinctive sound/feel from” Explanation” whilst unleashing a fresh wave of powerful more technical sounds and drive to create “Existing”. The new songs are faster with a more technical edge whilst still feeling melodic as well as retaining the charm of the older Slytract releases.

If you’re already a Slytract fan you will hear the difference as the guys have grown up with their sound and enjoy the results, whilst they gain new fans with their most stunning result to date.

HighlightsAura, Nothing Seen Within & Nexus

Rating – 8.5/10


Sheila | Planetmosh

Track listing

1. Aura

2. Null & Void

3. Recognize

4. Prevailing Millions

5. Nothing Seen Within

6. Shall They Learn War Anymore

7. Millenary Venus

8. My Mist

9. Behind the Closed

10. Nexus


Band Members

Gábor B. Melegh – guitars/vocal
Tamás Galántay – drums
Szabolcs Zsengellér – bass
Gyula Czeglédi – live guitar



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