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Slaughter II

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On 7 October 2018
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Slaughter II is a real feel good album with some great Punk 'n' Roll tracks which are guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your fists pumping.

Slaughter II - Slaughter II

Slaughter II released their self-titled debut album late last year. Recorded at Crack Studios in Hulme, Manchester and produced and engineered by Kevin Foy. Slaughter II features Brian Grantham the original drummer from Manchester punk rock band Slaughter and the Dogs and Edweena  Banger who was in the rebranded Slaughter. For a more detailed history see here. When Slaughter II got together they were initially called Slaughter UK, whose launch gig I reviewed here when they played Sound Control in Manchester. Sound Control has, unfortunately, now been demolished to make way for bigger and better things, and you could say the same of Slaughter UK. Not knocked down, as such, but reincarnated as Slaughter II.

Edweena Banger

Crazy That I Am am I? Don’t answer that, but yes my crazy brain picked up a definite Shadows vibe in this one. Edweena does HankNo Holding Back reminded me of Creedance Clearwater’s Proud Mary, the song popularised by Ike & Tina Turner. In Slam The Hammer I picked up elements of the Buzzcocks, Slaughter and the Dogs and The Drones, who Brian (Grantham) also drums for. Ever Fallen in Love with The Bitch? slam the hammer down Hard (On Me), pick up the pieces, glue them back together and come up with something like this!

Edweena Banger

My Life is a great song, musically the beat had me thinking Hanoi Rocks’ Taxi Driver rolls up in Vince Taylor’s New Cadillac. You really need to pay attention and listen to the lyrics, as it wasn’t until I’d listened a few times, that I realised song titles were cleverly worked into the song, for example ‘My life is a Highway to Hell. My life is Thunderstuck. My Life is Back in Black. Dirty Deeds don’t give a sack’ (I think it said sack, it rhymed with black anyway!) I also heard the words ‘Jumping Jack’ and ‘Get It On’ amongst others, but it was the AC/DC titles which crept into my consciousness. Everyone needs a bit of AC/DC in their life!

Stone Age, Edweena does Fred Flintstone? Yabba dabba doo! Erm…. let’s not go there! Jack Daniels a gentle song, a love song, albeit one’s love of the bottle! Then we come to what could have been the longest song ever, Calling Out with a gothic vibe in places. It says on the album cover that this song is 24 hours long, I was a bit alarmed by this,  three minutes is usually long enough for me! I was relieved to find it actually came in around that mark.

Last but not least comes New World with a pummelling, rock and roll beat and some screaming riffs, it reminded me of Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds Falling and yes Edweena and Brian are bother in that band, so it’s likely there would be some similarities somewhere along the way.

Overall it’s a real feel good album with some great Punk ‘n’ Roll tracks which are guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your fists pumping.

Track List:

Slaughter II Back Album Cover1: Crazy That I Am
2: No Holding Back
3: Slam The Hammer
4: My Life
5: I’m On Fire
6: Stone Age
7: Jack Daniel’s
8: Coming Back
9: Calling Out
10: God Save Us
11: New World

Line Up:

Edweena Banger – Vocals/Guitar
Brian Grantham – Drums
Martin Power – Bass

(Rick Sullivan – Bass on the album)

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Slaughter II is a real feel good album with some great Punk 'n' Roll tracks which are guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your fists pumping.

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