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On 6 April 2018
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Very metal impressive debut from North East warriors Skyryder.

Skyryder, hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne and in my opinion the founder of NWOBHM have released an impressive debut E.P titled Vol. One. Available via their bandcamp page here, the five tracks are £3 for a digital download or £5 for a CD or a limited edition cassette tape.

   ‘The Beginning’, a brief, pulsating ambient intro precedes the early Iron Maiden vibe in both delivery and production of ‘Sentinel(Of The Spaceways)’. A melodic guitar intro heads off into a full on headbanging gallop with a twin guitar dominated midsection ending on a full on crush outro. The calm before the storm gently acoustic/electric guitar picked intro to ‘Invaders’ precede a six minute epically proportioned buzzing riff and roaring lead vocal dominated number intensified when the twin leads burst in.

‘Call In The Night’ is all foot to the floor power metal from the off and air guitars are compulsory for the fretboard melting solos that ends on glass shattering screams from Luke Mills. This very impressive debut ends strongly with ‘Elders’. Powered by a chugging main riff and lung busting vocal, it gives way for a light speed guitar duel finish.

Vol. One track listing :-

The Beginning.

Sentinel (Of The Spaceways).


Call In The Night.


Skyryder band line up :-

Luke Mills – Lead vocals.

Adam Thorpe – Guitars.

Jonny Stern – Guitars.

Luke Williams – Bass guitar.

Andrew Macknight – Drums.

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Very metal impressive debut from North East warriors Skyryder.

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