Skeleton Verse – The Storm Before the Calm Vol II

Skeleton Verse LogoUnsigned Scottish metallers Skeleton Verse (formerly known as The Paradox) have been going for 3 years and in that time they have been a busy lot releasing debut EP “the poet versus the town crier”, their debut album “bleeding by example” and a further EP “fuck your comfort zone”.

Now under their new moniker, their latest five track EP is a grinding and pounding piece of metal that sounds like the cast of trainspotting have gathered to vent their anger on the world.

The EP opens with thumping track The Storm, replete with a chunky groove that twists and turns throughout while Brian Jamieson’s shouts and snarls with a fine Scottish bur that becomes a fair trademark of the EP itself. Follow on track Fort Knocks runs with an almost southern sludge/stoner groove before Britannia: Rule Cool Fool switches to a more nu-metal feel that’s reminiscent of Limp Bizkit with a touch of Rage Against the Machine thrown in for good measure.

The rage continues into the final tracks of the EP with the magnificently named Stone Papers Scissors Paper Metal Heads or Tails that swings from a grinding start into socio-political rap commentary and back to great effect. It continues the nu-metal feel of Britannia but is closer in style to the likes of Korn than anything else.

The Calm rounds off the album with surprisingly delicate tones that show a completely different side to the band. Its instrumental and acoustic nature is antithesis to what has come before and as the EP title states it really is the calm after the storm!

As far as song-writing goes, the guys look to have a knack at writing great heavy grooves backed by some stinging social commentary in their lyrics. Like all unsigned bands though, their music could do with a more professional finish to really make it shine and take it to that next level.

The Storm Before the Calm is available directly from the band from the links below.

Rating: 7/10

Track Listing:
1. The Storm
2. Fort Knocks
3. Britannia: Rule Cool Fool
4. Stone Papers Scissors Paper Metal Heads or Tails
5. The Calm

Skeleton Verse are:
Brian jamieson – Vocals
James Reade – Guitars
Brian Macrae – Bass
Martyn Stone – Drums


Skeleton Verse Band

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