Six Feet Under – Unborn

Six Feet Under - UnbornUnborn is the 10th album of the death metal legends Six Feet Under. It is like a brother for the Undead album, which was released in 2012.

The album starts with a more melodically song:  Neuro Osmosis. The song is slow but with a great voice of Chris Barnes. The song is a good start with an oppressive atmosphere. Prophecy then is a little bit faster. The conspicuous thing here is Chris Barnes great voice again. The next song ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ then is like an explosion with a great riff and also Chris’ good growling. It’s my personal favorite song of the album. But you can make you own opinion:

Decapitate and Incision are both powerful songs with also great riffs but when you listen to Incision and Zombie Blood Curse more often you will find out like me that Incision sounds like a slower version of Zombie Blood Curse. But both are great songs. Fragment is a slower song with an oppressive atmosphere again but a deeper voice of Chris Barnes.

Alive to Kill You, Psychosis and The Curse Of Ancients are faster songs with much power which makes fun to listen to.

Inferno is a slower song with Chris Barnes distinctive voice and an oppressive atmosphere.

Rating – 7,5/10

Track listing:

01. Neuro Osmosis
02. Prophecy
03. Zombie Blood Curse
04. Decapitate
05. Incision
06. Fragment
07. Alive To Kill You
08. The Sinister Craving
09. Inferno
10. Psychosis
11. The Curse Of Ancients



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