Sink – Holy Testament (Svart Records)

Sinsinkk hail from Finland and have been torturing humans with their mix of black metal and drone for ten years.

The band lurks somewhere in the dark reaches of your mind that is only presented when that blackened room is opened.

This is an album that defies categorization. It is not a sit down and listen to album:  more of a buckle yourself in and prepare for your worst nightmare. Sink are on the outer reaches of tolerable;  I have struggled to come to terms with this album and have played it via headphones, in the car and at home and with each play there appears to be something sonically changing each time.

Opening track “Into the Platinum Skies” is a single melody which has the signature black metal guitar sound:  no drums – there is howling, screaming or some apparition of noise bleeding through the buzz guitar. Minimalist drums are introduced later on the album but not in regular patterns;  there are melodies that can be picked out, however they are drenched in layers of electronic distorted keys.  The vocals are groaned rather than projected as a singing voice.

There are certainly comparisons to be made to the likes of Burzum – when they went experimental – likewise with Sunno)))) when they turn down the heavy drone elements.  The one genre that has overlooked Sink is the funeral doom legions:  this would satisfy the fans of Until Death Overtakes Me or Skepticism.   This is very heavy going and will appeal to very few:  in the meantime, throw away preconceptions of structure, lie back and concentrate on the music – turn off the internet and soak in the marsh that Sink conjure up.




1. Into The Platinum Skies
2. Ritual Transfigured
3. Ritual
4. Justice
5. Repulsion
6. Cold Stars
1. Necropolis
2. Descending Skies
3. Joy Of Life
4. Parallel
5. Dominion
6. Recursion

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