SILVEROLLER release their new rocker ‘Come On, Come In’

SILVEROLLER release their new rocker ‘Come On, Come In, on 1st December, out on independent release. 
Watch here: Silveroller – Come On, Come In (Official Lyric Video)

To me “Come On, Come In” is a song about the survival of despair. The moments we have to reach deep within ourselves to keep going through hard times, when nothing around us seems to make sense.
It’s about surviving those moments that seem like a bad dream, and to me, that makes Come On, Come In universal. Everyone I know has had those moments when, just when you think it can’t get any worse, out if nowhere, it suddenly does. Everyone has had times they’ve survived that they wish they’d never had to. I don’t think we’re always “stronger” for those times either. Sometimes it takes time and effort to dust yourself down, pick yourself up and face it all again. Come On, Come In is the acknowledgement of hard times and a celebration of the survival.
This is a song for all of those people. The people who have had hard times and survived.
Come on, come in, out of the rain.

Catch the band live: 
7th December, The Grace, Islington, doors 7pm:
Silveroller supporting Xander & The Peace Pirates

Introducing the sound of Silveroller

Hi-energy rock n’ roll played with heart and soul, played tight but loose, with the kind of swagger you just don’t hear anymore.  Their songs act as a rallying call for those who believe that the most important thing in life is the freedom to be free, with subtle undertones of protest songs from days gone by. 
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Silveroller, the new band featuring Aaron Keylock, is ready to hit the ground running with new music, a new label and a growing level of excitement and anticipation! Silveroller release the new single ‘Come On, Come In’ on 1st December and you can catch them live on 7th December at the Grace In Islington. 
With their own inimitable blend of high-energy, rock n roll stylings, Silveroller throw their music out with a low-slung, loose-hipped swagger that is seriously infectious and utterly irresistible. The evolution of Silveroller is here, and every bit as fabulous as expected from these hugely talented musicians!

Jonnie Hodson-Vocals
Aaron Keylock-Guitar
Joe Major–Drums
Ross Munro–Organ
Jake James Cornes-Bass

Preorder ‘Come On, Come In‘ here:
Stream/buy ‘Hold’ here:

Photo Credit: Anna Major/Hand of Glory Media

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