ShrEdmonton 2016 Fest and Conference Reveal Full Line Up – May 6-8

Prairie Fire Events Ltd is proud to announce its full line up for the official Farmageddon Open Air indoor sister festival SHREDMONTON Metal Festival and Conference taking place from Friday, May 6th to Sunday, May 8th.

Featuring over 20 bands over the course of 3 days at The Starlite Room and The Brixx Bar and Grill (same building), as well as a multi-room industry based conference located at the Shaw Conference Center. The full line up consists of an ultra heavy hitting bill that includes headliners Dying Fetus, Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate,  Goatwhore, Finnish power metallers Thunderstone along with some of Western Canada’s best including Disciples of Power, Planet Eater, Scythia, Tylor Dory Trio, Every Hour Kills among many more! Plus clinics by Tylor Dory (Tylor Dory Trio), Tim Waterson and panels at the Shaw Conference Center on recording, photography, video production, publicity, media relations, journalism, and concert promotion / talent buying for festivals / venues with music industry professionals from across Canada (full conference schedule and list of industry reps here).


SHREDPASS (Limited quantity) – $100.00

Access to all FIVE shows, PLUS the conference. Includes a special memento, ability to reserve a festival shirt, and a discount voucher to Farmageddon Open Air 2017.

***$100 Early Bird SHREDPASS pricing in effect until the announcement of the Sunday event…approximately Feb 15/16. SHREDPASS Ticket price will increase to $120.00 after Sunday lineup announcement. Any remaining SHREDPASS tickets will again increase to $140.00 starting May 7 2016.***


Single Event Tickets:

Shredmonton Conference @ The Shaw Conference Center (Salon 4) – $30.00 (details below)

Seminars, discussions, and Q+A sessions with over 20+ industry professionals.

ShrEdmonton Conference and Line Up 2016:

Venue: Brixx and Starlite Room (same building) (10030 102 St. NW.) 

Friday, May 6, 2016 @ The Brixx Bar and Grill – $20.00

5:30pm – Guitar Clinic (Tylor Dory)

6:30pm – Drum Clinic (Tim Waterson)

8pm – Spruce Moose

9pm – Armifera

10pm – The Dead Cold

11pm – Every Hour Kills

Friday, May 6, 2016 @ The Starlite Room – $30.00

8:15pm – Tylor Dory Trio

9:15pm – Trollband

10:15pm – With Malice

11:15pm – Quietus

12:15am – Disciples Of Power

Saturday, May 7, 2016 @ The Brixx Bar and Grill – $20.00

7pm – Juliet Ruin

8pm – Mongol

9pm – Shocker

10pm – Noire

11pm – Planet Eater

Saturday, May 7, 2016 @ The Starlite Room – $35.00

7:15pm – WMD

8:15pm – Mortillery

9:15pm – Sleeping In Traffic

10:15pm – Scythia

11:15pm – Thunderstone

12:30am – Goatwhore

Sunday, May 8, 2016 @ The Starlite Room – $35.00 


5:00 pm – Exit Strategy

6:00 pm – Nylithia

7:00 pm – Black Crown Initiate

8:00 pm – Jungle Rot

9:00 pm – The Acacia Strain

10:00 pm – Dying Fetus


Conference Schedule: 

Saturday, May 7, 2016 @ Shaw Conference Center – Salon 4 (9797 Jasper Ave NW.)

Panelists and seminars will cover a wide range of skills, markets, and issues in the music industry and topics/agendas will be geared towards further educating the Canadian heavy metal scene about its inner workings. The main panel will feature an eye opening discussion on how the Alberta metal community can break down barriers, grow relationships, and become an internationally known destination where heavy metal thrives.

10:30 AM Introduction

Tyson Travnik (President) and Robert Kreed (Vice President) of Prairie Fire Events, will be greeting you with a warm welcome to the conference and a summary of what is to be expected during the conference. You will also be introduced to the Master of Ceremonies for the conference, the one and only, Cory Bosse.

11:00 AM  Recording and Live Production

Want to learn how to save money to record your next album? Still on that hunt for the “perfect” guitar tone? Want to get into recording or doing live sound professionally, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a chance to hear from professionals from around the globe, who will address these questions, and many more!

12:00 PM  –  Photography and Videography

What makes a promo shoot, a GOOD promo shoot? What do you need to look for when shopping around for a photographer or cinematographer? What is the importance of the music video in today’s industry, and what does it REALLY entail? Recognizable Alberta based professionals are here to help you find out.

1:00 PM – Publicity/Media/Journalism  

What does it take to get “big and famous”? How do you grow your fan base? Is it really worth it to spend money on good publicity? These are key points (and more) which will be covered in this seminar.

2:00 PM –  – Promotion/Talent Buying/Festivals/Venues

The “big granddaddy” of seminars that you won’t want to miss. Addressing the current state of the western Canadian metal scene, and brainstorming what needs to be done as a community to improve it. Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about promoting events, metal festivals, promoters, or venues will be talked about. This segment will prove to be a huge eye opener for many, and will prove to inspire!

Instrumental Clinics

Brixx Bar and Grill (Included with Conference ticket and Shredpass)

5:30 PM – Guitar Clinic with Tylor Dory and Guests

Learn some of the wizardry behind some of Alberta’s most iconic metal guitarists, and how to incorporate it into your own playing. Entertainment and education guaranteed!

6:30 PM – Drum Clinic with Tim Waterson

As one of the fastest double bass drum players in the world, watching Tim Waterson play is something that cannot be described, but has to be witnessed to be appreciated. Noting key points from his instructional DVD “Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing”, Tim will demonstrate how to improve a skill that has proven to be a notable backbone of heavy metal music.

For more info, visit

Conference Guests:
Cory Bosse (Recording Engineer @ Sonoluminescent Sound/Live Sound Technician)
Cory is an active live sound engineer throughout the city, predominantly working in the metal/rock club scene. He works as a recording engineer in tandem with Ryan Berehulke out of his own studio, as well as a freelancer. A few of Cory’s past live sound engineering highlights include the Farmageddon Open Air festival and a guitar clinic with Steve Vai. He has also captured the attention of many, with his impressive array of multi-instrumental skill-sets, notably in his band Sleeping In Traffic.
Tyson Tavnik (Festival Manager, Promoter, Freelance Recording Engineer, Live Sound Technician, Prairie Fire Events Ltd.)
With over a decade of experience in both the live and studio realms, Tyson Travnik is best known for his work with bands stemming from heavier genres. Also the festival manager and creator of the highly regarded Farmageddon Open Air heavy metal festival, and Shredmonton Metal Festival and Conference, Tyson has at some point been behind a behind the scenes for many metal bands in western Canda. Having played in various bands throughout his musical career, his most recent playing is noted with speed metal band, Ironstorm.
James Seabrook (Owner/Recording Engineer @ Two Bodies of Water Productions)
After over 15 years as a musician, vocalist, songwriter and engineer, James Seabrook has toured with the likes of Trooper, World Champion Elvis tribute Robin Kelly, & Wide Mouth Mason. In the studio he’s worked with over 100 artists including international gospel recording artist Nancy Unsworth, Canadian touring artist Laura Bachynski, and international best selling author Troy Payne and band Aside From Sorrow. James is also a published and award winning Lyricist (2008 – Gunslinger’s Lament), and songwriter, currently co-writing with singer Jessica Lana McLean.
Nate Reno (Festival Manager, Recording Engineer @ Big Nate Productions, Promoter, Live Sound Technician)
With over a decade of live and recording engineering experience, Nate ventured into producing albums in 2010, and has over 40+ titles to his credit. Having been involved in the production of the Noctis festival in Calgary, Nate carried the torch, and created the Calgary Metal Festival, of which is in it’s 5th year. Nate is also currently the Prairie Representative for Wacken Metal Battle Canada. Topping it off with 15 years of playing experience in active touring and recording bands, Nate has proven to be a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas.
Jon Asher (Owner/Operator @ Asher Media Relations, Publicist)
Known for being a regular fixture on the Montreal music scene, Jon founded ASHER MEDIA RELATIONS in September 2007. A musician himself, and a McGill University graduate in public relations, Jon had his epiphany – to help out the struggling artists and help them gain the attention they need to support their music. Asher Media Relations boasts an impressive clientele list featuring Gene Hoglan, Quo Vadis, Striker, Hibria, Ninjaspy, Mutank, Wacken Metal Battle Canada, Farmageddon Open Air, Armstrong Metal Fest, Obscene Extreme America Fest and many more. He has also guest lectured at many other conferences and seminars and is considered by some to be the go-to publicity solution for Canadian heavy music artists.
Glenn Fricker (Owner/Recording Engineer @ Spectre Sound Recording Studios, Successful YouTube Channel/Vlog Operator)
Since it’s creation in 2010, Glenn Friker’s YouTube channel has taken become one of the most recognizable in the realm of recording heavy metal. Taking the internet by storm with his instructional videos, reviews, and comedic rants, Glenn has proven that his approach to a largly saturated world of video blogs has proven to be successful. Known for his work with bands such as Woods of Ypres, Queensryche, and Protocult, Glenn is has shown that his the quality of his work is well sought out in eastern Canada.
Lacey Paige (Freelance Writer and Communications Professional)
With over 10 years of experience of professional writing experience, Lacey contributed to such esteemed horror publications as Fangoria, GoreZone, and Diabolique magazines. She has also been a regular contributing columnist with Absolute Underground since 2008, frequently finding herself at the helm of the ShrEdmonton and Absolute Horror columns, and Lacey also volunteers as a communications and programming assistant with DEDfest Genre Film Society and the Annual Calgary Horror Con. She holds a diploma in journalism studies from MacEwan University, and is currently pursuing a bachelor of communication studies degree with a major is professional communication.
Joshua Wood (Radio Personality/Webzine Editor)
Joshua is a life-long metal fan with decades of experience in the Metal industry including radio, web, management, promotion and more. He is current co-host of Megawatt Mayhem one of the world’s longest running Metal radio shows, as well as Managing Editor of, one of the world’s largest and longest running Metal webzines. He currently is Co-Chair of the Heavy Metal Committee for the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.
Cara Ashbey
Cara Ashbey is an Alberta-based aggressive music publicist who has been performing, booking, and promoting concerts since she was 16. After attending the Arts and Cultural Management Program offered at Grant MacEwan University, she joined forces at Asher Media Relations in 2013, geared on supporting the development and promotion of independent aggressive music. She plays drums in a grindcore band called Preschool Shooting and has been an active publicist specializing in various types of aggressive music (Metal, Punk, Rock,etc.).
Jesse Valstar (Armstrong Metal Festival/Promoter)
After spending much of his youth in various bands, along with gathering inspiration from Wacken in 2008, Jesse founded the not for profit society West Metal Entertainment Society. He is a recognizable icon in the western Canadian metal scene through the booking and promoting of events for touring and local bands. Jesse has had success working with the AMF team planning and executing each year of Armstrong Metalfest (established 2009). Jesse currently actively plays in the group Odinfist.
Tylor Dory (Guitar Clinician)
Tylor Dory is best known as the guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist/lyricist/producer for the Tylor Dory Trio, guitarist for Death Toll Rising, Wroth, and the former guitarist for Villainizer. Influenced by the likes of Jimmy Page, Mikael Akerfeldt, Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan, and St. Vincent; Tylor tries to keep a fresh approach to the guitar by breaking both the tropes of his own playing and those of modern rock and metal.
Nino Laurenne (Owner/Recording Engineer @ Sonic Pump Studios (FIN), Thunderstone, Hevisaurus)
Nino is a Finnish songwriter, guitarist, audio engineer and one of Finland’s most sought after metal/hard rock producers. Nino is the owner and founder of Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki: a state-of-the-art professional recording studio founded back in 2000. His work is credited on countless records, many of which have certificated gold and platinum. He has worked with artists such as Wintersun, Amorphis, Ensiferum, Lordi, Lost Society, Firewind and Sonata Arctica just to name a few. He rose to fame as the guitarist for his own power metal band Thunderstone, and later as the producer and songwriter for the wildly successful children’s heavy metal act Hevisaurus. Hevisaurus is a Grammy award winning-act in Finland and Argentina for ”Best Children’s Music Album”.
Justin Shadows (Owner/Operator @ Shadows Productions, Promoter) (got pic)
Between putting on shows for his company and being involved with various bands around Alberta, Justin possesses over a decade of experience in the music industry. Being a go-to for many touring bands and festivals alike, he has proven his value in the central Alberta area.
Kaje Annihalatrix (Owner/Operator @ Annihalatrix Productions Promoter)
Kaje is well known in the Canadian metal scene as a combat ready lady that wears many hats. She has operated Annihilatrix Productions for the past 7 years, promoting local punk and metal bands as well as devoting energy to bring acts in from all over the country to share their talent with Calgary. An avid supporter of bolstering the growing metal and punk scene, she not only helps lay the foundation for bands to showcase their talent yet she also works as a journalist for Extreme Metal Television, offering a fresh perspective and network for musicians to connect with their fans.
Barrett Klesko (Owner/Operator @ Fadeback Studios United, Cinematographer)
Working with independent Canadian artists since 2011, Barrett has garnered himself numerous industry awards and nominations for his work both in front and behind the camera. In his non-existent free time, Barrett is the vocalist/guitarist/programmer in All Else Fails, vocalist in The Misfires, and bassist in The Order of Chaos.
Craig Martell (Promoter/Venue Manager) (have pic)
Craig Martell is a show promoter whom used to own and book the well respected Wunderbar. Craig is currently known for managing Double Lunch Productions, and as the talent buyer at both Bohemia and The Almanac. He hates the music industry but exists within it.
Ryan Semchuck (“Loud As Hell” Festival Manager, Recording Engineer, Promoter, Live Sound Technician)
Ryan is known well throughout the Drumheller area for his participation in many events, retail endeavors and mixing duties. Out of high school, he played in a few local classic rock cover bands, and taught guitar lessons at the local music store. In 2009 Ryan joined the FM radio station in Drumheller, earning an assortment of titles from radio personality to station manager. This allowed him the time during weekends to run his own production company. Ryan is Geoff Bourrie’s counterpart in the established “Loud As Hell” heavy metal festival, which is now going on its 5th year. As a member of the WCMFA, the “Loud As Hell” festival team are proud supporters of Shredmonton Metal Festival and Conference.
Geoff Bourrie (“Loud As Hell” Festival Manager, Promoter, Tattoo Artist)
A lifetime metalhead and a musician. Geoff has a high passion for the metal scene and that passion is demonstrated by the hosting of Drumheller’s Loud As Hell Metal Festival. In addition to this, Geoff is an active member of the (WCMFA) Western Canadian Metal Festival Alliance.
Rod “Rod Rookers” Gillis (Owner/Operator @ Dv8)
A founding member of the Kroovy Rookers in Red Deer in 2004, by 2006 I was setting up and promoting shows in the Red Deer area. Having moved to Edmonton in 2009, Rod start promoting shows exclusively at DV8 Tavern on 99th Street. In 2013, DV8 moved to a new location on Gateway Blvd and Whyte Avenue. The venue is still in operation, and is popular with bands and crowds representing underground music genres, ranging from Punk Rock, Metal, Hip Hop and Rockabilly.
Tim Waterson (Drum Clinician)
Tim Waterson is a Canadian drummer who holds the world record for the fastest number of double strokes on a bass drum, with a record of 1,407 in one minute (January 22nd, 2002).His Record for Single stroke is 1057. Tim is one of the most dedicated drummers when it comes to advancing and pushing the boundaries of our feet. It is mindboggling to imagine even some of the creative possibilities of drumset application from learning the foot techniques presented in his video. In a very friendly and personable demeanor, World’s Fastest Feet Champ Tim Waterson shares an abundant amount of foot and bass drum techniques in his new DVD “Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing”.
George Kollias of Nile quotes, “Drummers use to Complain about Tim Waterson using doubles to achieve super speed. NOW they are using his techniques to play faster.”
Dana Zuk (Photographer)
Music enthusiast and photo-fanatic! Snapping compelling musician portraits from smokey pubs to sold out stadiums, capturing the life of rock ‘n roll is second nature to Dana. Photographing out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, she specializes in portraits of live band performances, and promotional images for local and international touring musicians of all kinds. Her work has appeared in publications such as the Edmonton Journal, Revolver Magazine, and Guitar World. Dana was recently selected as 2015’s concert and press photographer of the Year in YEG Music Magazine, and am is currently a contributing photographer to Exclaim!, BeatRoute and Vandala Magazine.
Cameron “C C Getty” Dalgetty (Radio Personality/DJ)
Cameron Dalgetty aka CC Getty has been involved in music on many different levels for close to 35 years. He’s done everything from guitars, vocals and bass in original and cover bands to terrestrial radio all across Canada and currently internet radio that reaches a global audience with Metal Nation Radio and his Metalheads United show and podcast. Most recently he has begun using his experience to organize, book and promote live shows in Calgary as well consult with festivals and other related events in Western Canada. Working heavily in the Western Canadian music scene CC is a great resource for anyone looking to promote their band, brand, show or festival, and is never shy to be blunt with his feedback. True to his ethos that he would rather see all of the “Metalheads United” rather than divided by all the convoluted subgenres and classifications invented by marketers, CC lives by the words UNITED WE ROCK!

Penny VanderHeyden (Photographer, Praire Fire Events Ltd.)
Penny is as an active photographer in the Alberta music scene, known for shooting live bands and specializing in editorial portraiture. Penny has been involved with Farmageddon Open Air since its conception, and is Praire Fire Events’ resident photographer.



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