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Shadows Of Violence

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On 11 February 2019
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A fantastic thrashtastic release that will surely bring the band out of the shadows.

Leeds based thrashers Shadows Of Violence hit hard and heavy with Revolt, due for release this summer. Formed in 2007 their chops have been honed as the title track, a brief news report skit tells about the band rioting across the UK. ‘Words Unchained’ is a surefire call to arms crowd pleaser totally owned by the drumming of Michael Burrows, laying a mighty backing for the guitars of Martin Haigh and George Watts to thrash along loud and proud.

A bass driven bridge midway from Tim Gidman leads to a chest beating chorus from lead vocalist Chris Moules asking “Will you stand, will you fight, if you fall we will rise”. ‘Who Am I?’ is a pit opening slammer of catchy riffing but still pack a punch backed by mighty vocals that Brian Blessed would be proud of! ‘Martyrdom’ rushes straight out of the blocks for a speedy intro that slows down into melodic thrash as once again the drums vie for attention. There is no chance for sleep during ‘Where Memories Sleep’ as this multi tempo headbanger raises the bar higher and a moment of calm comes midway for an intense, brief, spoken word piece midway.

‘Law Of Man’ is a strong end to a very impressive release, a race to the finish line blur of riffing topped off by Chris’ tour de force vocal making it my standout track.


Revolt track listing :-


Words Unchained.

Who Am I?


Where Memories Sleep.

Law Of Man.

Shadows Of Violence band line up :-

Chris Moules – Lead vocals.

Martin Haigh – Guitar.

George Watts – Guitar.

Michael Burrows – Drums.

Tim Gidman – Bass guitar.


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A fantastic thrashtastic release that will surely bring the band out of the shadows.

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