Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder – the Movie gets its release on the 10th December and charts the bands rise from their home town of Barnsley through to the rock icon status they hold today
This is one of the best rock documentaries I have seen. Band members, past and present, (except for Pete Gill), are straight skilfully interviewed, which allows the interviewee’s to get right to the point, they pull no punches, and tell you like it was, and still is. At certain times they are brutally honest about themselves, other members of the band, and the band as a whole as they take you through Saxon’s 30 year history. Interview segments from Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee and Fast Eddie Clarke, as well as Saxon’s own memories of Motorhead’s 1979 Bomber Tour, which gave Saxon their big break. These stories and many others are filled with rock ‘n’ roll tales of sin, debauchery and excess.
With this release there is a second DVD featuring the band’s hour-long Beat Club performance for German TV from the early 80’s, and this is a great piece of aural and audio memorabilia.

There is plenty of other excellent footage, and bringing it bang up to date, part of a Saxon live show filmed on St George’s Day 2008. Superb, can’t say enough about it, very high quality footage with stunning sound. If you’re a Saxon fan, old or new you will love it.
“We do have a great legacy,” says Byford, “whether you joined the band in 1994 or (as) an original member. There’s a legacy there and I’ve tried hard to not let people demean it and to spoil it and you have to look after that thing that is Saxon.”
10/10 if your a Saxon fan, and 8/10 if your not, as it is a very good documentary, that pulls no punches.
UK release date: December 10th, 2012
• DVD Digipack (2 Discs)
• Blu-ray
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