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On 11 September 2018
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Satan pull a musical rabbit out of the hat with the spellbinding Cruel Magic album.

This is my second review of 2018 that features the majestic vocals of Brian Ross. The first being Blitzkrieg and now from Satan with their devilishly new album Cruel Magic.

Currently available via Metal Blade Records who state in their press release that the album is “Ten tracks of searing metal”, they are not far wrong as the light speed riffing intro of ‘Into The Mouth Of Eternity’ precedes the unmistakable croon of Brian as the song switches between a chug to drum driven NWOBHM tinged passages with some killer choruses. The title track is a full on gallop that heads into a groovy churn with some resplendent twin guitar leads.

Current single ‘The Doomsday Clock’ sprints straight out of the blocks and stays ahead of the pack for a furious four minutes. The melodic twin lead intro to ‘Legions Hellbound’ is the starter to the main course of Brian hitting some impressive notes as it settles into a laid back lengthy midsection of bluesy pieces as it kicks into a full on outro. ‘Ophidian’ riffs along like ‘The Ripper’ and the maniacal glee in Brian’s delivery shines.

Even Wile E Coyote and the roadrunner could not keep up with the tarmac melting thrasher ‘My Prophetic Soul’ and the band briefly stop at a red light for a guitar solo. The title of ‘Death Knell For A King’ had me expecting a drop in pace but it’s another convincing headbanger. ‘Who Among Us’ riffs along with the intense fluidity of Show No Mercy era Slayer. The only thing ghostly about ‘Ghosts Of Monongah’ are the slamming grooves that could easily awaken the dead.

Is there such a thing as majestic metal? If so ‘Mortality’ is a perfect example and my favourite track as it’s a thrilling end to the album containing Brian’s finest performance.

Cruel Magic album track listing :-

Into The Mouth Of Eternity.

Satan - Cruel MagicCruel Magic.

The Doomsday Clock.

Legions Hellbound.


My Prophetic Soul.

Death Knell For A King.

Who Among Us.

Ghosts Of Monongah.


Satan band line up :-

SatanBrian Ross – Vocals.

Russ Tippins – Guitar.

Steve Ramsay – Guitar.

Sean Taylor – Drums.

Graeme English – Bass guitar.


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Satan pull a musical rabbit out of the hat with the spellbinding Cruel Magic album.

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