Sarah jezebel Deva – The Corruption of Mercy

Sarah Jezebel Deva should be a well known name to a lot of metal fans. She was backing singer for Cradle of filth for 14 years and has sung on almost all their albums and she’s also been a member of Therion and Mortis. She also had a solo project, Angtoria. In addition she has lent her vocals to countless albums by a range of bands including Trigger the bloodshed, and The gathering. In fact there are very few singers who have as impressive a track record as Sarah Jezebel Deva.
In 2008 she left Cradle of filth and is now touring with her new band under the Sarah Jezebel Deva name, and released an album “A sign of sublime” which the band toured in support of, including a slot at the Metal Female Voices Festival (MFVF) in Belgium in 2010. Her new album “The corruption of mercy” is released in June on Listenable records and is a definite step forward from the first album.

Comments on a few of the songs on the album….

The first track, “No paragon of virtue” was slightly disappointing – since Sarah Jezebel Deva has such a good voice, I’d expected it to be far more prominent in the mix – as it is, it feels quite muted in comparison with the power of the music.

Thankfully the next track, “The world won’t hold your hand” doesnt suffer from the same problem, and her voice is allowed to stand out more.

Coupled with some great guitar work, this song is definitely more what I’d expected from the album.

“Silence please” has a dark symphonic feel to it.

“Zombie” is a cover version – the original being by Irish band, The Cranberries. This song has also been covered superbly by Breed 77 so I was

looking forward to hearing how Sarah Jezebel Deva would fare with it. It’s a much heavier version than either the original version or the Breed 77 version, and is very good. Its hard to say which version I prefer – all three are very different and are great in their own right – this new version certainly doesnt disappoint.

“Pretty with effects” is a total change of pace from the rest of the album – there are no guitars or drums, just a piano and vocals.

“The corruption of mercy” is a great album. Sarah Jezebel Deva’s vocals are complemented by some rich symphonic music and powerful guitars.

The music is heavy but not excessively so, and suits her vocal style perfectly.

Rating: 8/10

Track listing:

1. No paragon of virtue
2. The world won’t hold your hand
3. A matter of convenience
4. Silence please
5. Zombie
6. Pretty with effects
7. What lays before you
8. Sirens
9. The eyes that lie
10. The corruption of mercy

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