Sacred Reich – Rebellion, Manchester – 28/11/19

Rebellion in Manchester is a fantastic little venue that catches some great bands and tonight is a prime example. Sacred Reich are touring their new album “awakening”, and have stopped off in rainy Manchester to remind us all how good they really are.

I arrived a little late and missed most of openers Damnation’s Hammer, sorry guys; but what I did catch was impressive. Doomy and heavy – just what the doctor ordered. Following them came Night Demon, who, terrible name aside; seemed to have quite a few punters eager to hear their brand of traditional metal. As a trio you might expect their sound to fail at points, like during solos but lead singer and bass player Jarvis leaves no holes in the sound and is a commanding frontman too. I have to admit that their brand of traditional metal isn’t for me but I think I was in the minority here.

And so on to Sacred Reich. This venue is perfect for an old school thrash gig. Every corner of the room is in the pit, the only sanctuary being up the back by the sound desk. I chose the former though clearly thinking I am still 18 years old. Opening with a track off the new album the crowd lapped it up. Having Dave Maclain back in the band after his short stint??in some band called Machine Head? Has clearly lit a fire in these guys and new guitarist Joey doesn’t stop headbanging and smiling throughout the show. Although its Phil Rind that holds court here and the man is clearly enjoying this run of shows.

They play a good mix of old favourites and new tracks and of course they end with Surf Nicaragua. Absolutely perfect. This was my first time reviewing a band and maybe I should have taken a step back, paid more attention and taken some decent pictures but this was just like being back in the late 80’s, early 90’s and we didn’t have camera phones back then. It was great and the 18 year old in me was loving every minute of it. Today the 45 year old me is a little bent out of shape and a little achey. Nevertheless Sacred Reich were an absolute blast. I’m off to join the Death Squad.


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