Rusted – ‘Rock Patrol’

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On 6 May 2014
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"well produced and energetic but nothing new and outstanding..."

Rusted - Rock Patrol ArtworkRusted are a five piece hailing from Canada and have released their first album titled ‘Rock Patrol’. Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Lefrancois-Leduc at Silver Wings Studios. Arranged and produced by the band themselves and Silver Wings Studios.  They have been together for approximately four years.  OK now down to the album itself.

This is a time warp album set well and truly within the 80’s hair metal era, and in my opinion will appeal more to female fans (but not exclusively).  They have that rawness to their overall sound that originated in the LA heyday with the LA Guns and Michael Monroe.  The guitars are very much to the fore of their sound. Lyrically there is the obligatory sexual undertone, as is evident in ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’ with the lines ‘She’s such a dirty woman. The way she moves, the way she’s lookin at me. She’s such a naughty girl.’

The first track also called ‘Rock Patrol’ is an homage to the rock ‘n’ roll ethos of music played loud and partying. The main theme running through this album is the wild party attitude that is associated with NWOBHM.

There is also the inclusion of a power ballad with ‘True Eyes Of Love’, where the lyrics tell us about the pain over a failed romance.

Overall, this is a well produced and energetic album but in my opinion there is nothing new and outstanding about this opus. It is an 80’s album that has all been heard before with nothing fresh about it and an album which to me is 30 years old.

"well produced and energetic but nothing new and outstanding..."

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