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Rotten Hate

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On 30 July 2019
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Release date: 30/07/19.
Length: 30mins 35secs.
A great album hindered by production.

Chilean Death-Metal outfit Rotten Hate hit us hard with their first full length album, and it’s not bad at all. Hailing from a place I’ve never heard of (and I’m sure you haven’t either!) called Puerto Montt and currently signed to Australis Records.

Intro ‘Abyss’  leads us into ‘Church‘,  a two and a half minute attack of late 80’s Death Metal. There’s some nice elements of early sub-hardcore here too. It’s fast and furious and a certain floor filler. ‘Vultures‘  cruises through it’s five minutes with it’s Maiden-style Transylvian chugger riff. Lovely stuff so far.

It’s pretty clear who Rotten Hate’s influences are. Throw the likes of Exodus, Slayer, Death, Anthrax in the pot, add a little speed and there you go. Perfectly demonstrated by ‘Saints’  clinical speed and precise guitar licks.

There’s no letting up at all throughout this onslaught. ‘Bloodshed‘  and ‘Perpetual‘  continuing where the previous songs left off.

One thing that does disappoint somewhat is the production. What could be absolute pearling tracks are hindered somewhat by a lack of bottom end mixing and too much top end treble. So if I were to see these guys live I’m pretty sure they would blow me away.

Breaking‘  finishes with some hauntingly familiar early Maiden style riffing, and this leads into the album finale ‘Buitres‘.  Again, a great track and the guys finish the album with a bang. Lots of elements from Death‘s iconic album ‘Leprosy‘ in this final track.

Overall a good album hindered by the mixing, but as these guys could be on a budget, maybe this was the best they could afford, and if that’s the case, well done guys. I enjoyed it.


David Briones – Guitars / Vocals   /   Manuel V. – Bass   /   Lino C – Drums

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Release date: 30/07/19. Length: 30mins 35secs. A great album hindered by production.

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