Reaper – Fairies Return (cd)


Reaper are an underrated Teutonic Metal band that was founded in Kassel back in 1984. In the glorious 80’s they only recorded two demos (“Reaper“ in 1985 and “Metal Or What???“ in 1988) and a self financed E.P called “Fairies Return“ in 1986.  It wasn’t before 1990 until their debut-album “Beyond All Time“ was released on Bellaphon.


In “Fairies Return” you have actually got four distinct stages of the German bands history where you can hear the transition from its nwobhm beginnings through to becoming the Teutonic thrash machine that it is today.


The first four songs have nwobhm stamped all over, them be it with the Iron Maiden “Another Life” influenced chorus on “Killing Machine”, or Iron Maidens  “The Ides of March” feel on the intro, and The Handsome Beasts influenced riffs on “Fairies Return”, or the early Buzzcocks style vocals scattered throughout the songs.


The next block of songs starting with “Invader” demonstrate the bands progression in terms of developing and establishing its thrash based sounds.


Overall the album represents a fascinating insight into this band and will immediately appeal to fans old and new.


Highlight of the cd: “Crawling Nearer”


Rating: 8/10


Track listing:

1. Killing Machine;
2. Fairies Return;
3. Emotional Rescue;
4. Ruling the Earth;
5. Invader;
6. In the Middle of the Night;
7. Crawling Nearer;
8. Fountain of Youth;
9. Thousand Years;
10. Don’t take it away;
11. Breaking out my Fear;
12. I Love you;
13. Far Away;



Matthias Kraft – Bass;
Benni Meike – Guitar;
Jan Breede – Drums;
Daniel Zimmermann – Vocals, Guitar;


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