Quartz – Fear No Evil

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On 31 December 2016
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Quartz return with 12 brand new songs showing they are NWOBHM's gems and not rough diamonds.

Almost a year ago, Quartz released Too Hot To Handle, an album consisting of sixteen demo tracks written between 1981/1982 remastered by Bart Gabriel and released on Skol Records. An announcement was made that a studio album of brand new material was planned and so here we have Fear No Evil on High Roller Records. Any doubts that they cannot cut it anymore are immediately thrown out of the window by the title track which opens the album. A dense intro riff segues into a chugging groove with a powerful melodic lead vocal from David Garner. A catchy chorus precedes a flurry of outro guitar solos.

Rhythm guitarist Geoff Nicholls provides four lead vocals on the album, his first being on the ‘Long Live Rock And Roll’ tinged riffing of ‘Rock Bottom’. Instantly memorable hooks flow throughout. Other highlights are the slow burning riffs in ‘The Stalker’ with an almost Ozzy like snarl from David. ‘Zombie Resurrection’ is chock full of sparse riffing and a truly lung busting lead vocal from David, especially in the choruses.The pace picks up for the second half turning it into a full on headbanger. Geoff excels on the intense balladic verses in ‘Walking On Holy Water’ and the full blooded stomp on follower ‘Dangerous Game’.

David’s almost biographical lyrics to ‘Born To Rock The Nation’ highlight a kick in the teeth to those who doubt you living your dream playing in a rock band. Its another headbanger with lead guitarist Mick Hopkins unleashing a speaker bursting fuzzed up main riff. Album highlight for me is the epic hard rock of ‘Dead Man’s World (Apocalypse)’ that delivers a powerful message via David’s most in your face vocal matched by Mick’s piercing solos.

Quartz - Fear No Evil
Quartz – Fear No Evil

Quartz band line up :-

David Garner – Lead vocals.

Geoff Nicholls – Lead vocals/guitar/keyboards.

Derek Arnold – Bass guitar.

Malcolm Cope – Drums.

Mick Hopkins – Lead guitar.

 Fear No Evil track listing :-

Fear No Evil.

Rock Bottom.

The Stalker.


Zombie Resurrection.

Barren Land.

Walking On Holy Water.

Dangerous Game.

Born To Rock The Nation.

Riot In The City.

Dead Man’s World (Apocalypse).

Scream At The Devil (Rock ‘N’ Roll In Hell).

Quartz return with 12 brand new songs showing they are NWOBHM's gems and not rough diamonds.

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